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First trip very fun!

Me and my freind Louie have always had a passion for trying shrooms, but had never had the money or spent all the money we had on weed.

Me and my freind Louie have always had a passion for trying shrooms, but had never had the money or spent all the money we had on weed. so we finally decided to actually buy some. we bought them from a person i dont know but my friend louie (lets call him "L")knows and trusts. I read everything i could find that was useful on shroomery.

we were gonna do them the day after we bought them but L had to work so we did them the next day. I woke up at 9 a.m. and called L to see if we were still doing them and he told me we were so i got in the shower. i was very excited and relaxed and i knew it was going to be a good day.

we did them on a day that we did not have school. i went over there with a bottle of orange juice (i heard it increase the effect?). We had 5 1/2 grams and split them the best we could, he got a little more than i did but that was ok because he bought them. I absolutely hated the taste and it made me gag almost everytime i ate one, so the very last one i broke up and mixed in with my orange juice and drank it. we had a "babysitter" to make sure we didnt do anything stupid

L started saying everything was blue after 20 minutes of eating them, i wasnt feeling anything then. he would pick up something and throw it becuase he didnt like it being blue. we went outside to smoke a cigarette and that is when i started noticing things, we got outside i knew it was cold but i didnt have anything to keep warm with. i went out there and i didnt feel cold at all, i smoked the cigarette and got a buzz, it wasnt very weird but when i stopped buzzing my body felt very light, it kind of felt like i was floating.

me and L looked over and saw other peoples yards across the street and I felt like i just had to go over there for something, i wanted to really bad, L asked me if i wanted to go over there and we went. when we got there we had no clue why we went over there so we walked back home. there was a dirty bowl of cereal in his kitchen and he went up to it and smacked it really hard and milk flew all over everything, we laughed for like 5 minutes at that. everything was funny, the way everyone walked was really funny. Then we go upstairs and L sees his biology book for school, it has an owl on the front of it. He says "tyler, we have to let the owl go!" he gets the book runs down the stiars and throws it out the back door int a tree! it was sooo funny.

then we wanted to walk around and "explore the world" (the neighborhood) there is this trail that goes around our neighborhood and i wanted to walk on it so we did. L and the babysitter...umm B...had coats on and i had nothing. But whenever i put my right hand in my pocket my whole body would suddenly get warm and the coldness wouldnt bother me.

So we went to the trail and sat there, i had to pee, so i went on a tree, L and B laughed at me becuase of the way i stand when i pee i guess, i really didnt care, so after i peed i felt really bad for doing it so i went up to the tree to apologize to it and i noticed how yellow it was, so i got really close to one spot to look at it, it was almost touching my face. then i reached out to grab a leaf and i grabbed a perfectly camoflauged butterfly.

i apologized to the bug and let it go, then we walked more and went down to my house to watch the pink floyd movie The Wall. we started watching it and my house was very comfortable, and warm. i remember seeing myself sink into my couch and i looked at the floor and there were patterns moving around on it.

i got my dog to sit with me and it was shaking and acting really weird, L suggested that it could sense that i was tripping so i let it go. I went down to my room to get blankets and ended up staring in the mirror with my freind for like 10 minutes, i dont remember him getting down there i just remember us looking at the mirror for a long time, just staring at it, and i thought of what other people see me as. then we went back upstairs to watch the wall, and i completely understood everything in the movie, i usually dont. but i knew why they put everything where they did and in the order and everything.

then we went to L's house about 2 hours later and he kept saying he was going to get in trouble for the mess he made, so we went to his house and cleaned it up, even thought we still had 3 hours until his mom got home, L told us to leave him alone in his room so we did, i went to go stare at a door that had patterns on it. I saw a snake moving through a maze of patterns on the door, it was pretty cool. then i went back into his room and looked at how bright a light was, i looked away from the light and looked at L and there was a big dot on his face, the dot moved off of his face and turned into a bubble of light, i could look all over it and see a bubble, i could touch it 2. No matter what angle i looked at it it was allways red on the left half and orange on the right half. then we just sat down and watched the patterns on the walls, and went to smoke a cigarette. after i was done smoking i didnt feel anything from the shrooms. so i smoked weed and ate and went to sleep. :)


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