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Alternative reality

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Hi, I'm a 17 year old who has recently discovered the joy of shrooming. This was the 2nd time I was to take mushrooms. Two nights ago a friend of mine aquired an ounce, much of it to be sold to other freinds of mine. The dealer (J) and my other friend (B) decided we'd take them together. I had about 1/8 (2.5 grams) for myself. After taking them, we began to stroll to a small elementary school not far from my house. It was about 10:30 pm, and for some reason this school has great atmosphere for drug use at night (I've smoked weed there countless times). We messed around on the play structure, and them J got bored of the place and we agreed to leave. I had taken mine about 15 minutes after my friends had, so I began studying the effects it has having on them while I was still sober. J was giggling and talking incessantly, while B was much quieter and mostly sober (he has a strong tolerance for alcohol and narcotics of any kind).
Anyway, we decided to take a walk up to the Cal football stadium, overlooking the city. We sat at the top of the bleachers, and I began to notice the rows of benches below me twist, turn, and warp. This was far more powerful than my previous shrooming experience, which was mostly a body high. I began to feel queasy, but tried to ignore it. Eventually, as I expected from my first shrooming experience, the feeling subsided. Again J got bored of this area, so we followed him down into Cal campus. We started muttering and complaining about his asshole friend whom we ran into a few minutes after leaving the stadium. After reaching the campus he decided to go off by himself. I never saw him again that night. B and I sat down by a corner of a building surrounded by short palm trees, light posts, and a neat mediterranean tile design on the ground. We must've lay there for about an hour, staring at the swirling patterns on the tiles and watching the ground heave up and down, breathing deeply. Everything kept getting darker, then brighter, then changing color. It was fascinating. All the while I had distracting, confused thoughts about myself, my self esteem (or lack thereof) and my relationships with my friends. I seemed to be constantly disagreeing with myself, and at one point I distinctly remember the feeling that I was observing two parts of my brain argue with each other. While I'm not sure if this was the splitting of my ego, it certainly felt like it.
Eventually, B and I managed to stand and stumble around clumsily to another area which was covered in leaves, which were moving in dazzling patterns before my eyes. At this point, we decided that weed was a waste of money. B said "This is a viable alternative to reality." I heartily agreed by laughing my ass off.
Wandering to yet another area, we stumbled upon a frequented spot by stoners which was sheltered from passersby and the light. There tree boughs hanging to creat a cave-like atmosphere and a creek ran below a small ledge. The whole place had a very Alice In Wonderlandish quality.
Basically we wasted time talking, climbing trees, and watching the incredible visuals of the environment around us until we were coming down from the trip and decided to part our separate ways and return home. In closing, I highly recommend shrooms to everyone who has any interest in drugs. It's relatively safe, and more enjoyable than pot, which is more of a stupor-inducing drug than anything else. Happy shrooming everyone. Peace.

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