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first trip on shrooms

The first time I did shrooms was a couple months ago.

The first time I did shrooms was a couple months ago. It was a sunny, winter day in Vermont, with blue skies (very rare for November). It was 5 of us and we met in one of our apartments at school. We met up a Saturday at 12:00 pm, which felt early to all of us, but we wanted to trip during the daytime. Only one of us had tripped on mushrooms before. Everyone but I had done copious amounts of ecstacy and acid (I had only done marijauna- a lot and opium-twice).
So I had never tripped before. I was pretty nervous about it. We brought back some Dunkin Donuts bagels, and loaded the shrooms onto the bagels with cream cheese. We each took a little over an 1/8. I took about 20 minutes before we all started feeling it.
Everyone said they had nausea within the first hour, however I never felt sick. I was the first to start tripping, probably because I have an extremely high metabolism. We sat in the apartment for a while, and the first thing I noticed with the beauty of the light in the room, it was so strong and kept changing colors and it looked amazing on everyones hair. Then I looked at the ceiling and noticed all if the cracks in the white paint. These cracks started moving or "breathing" and it soon looked like there was smoke or fog moving along the surface of the ceiling. Everyone else saw this also. Then we decided to start our journey. We wandered across the lawn at school, admiring the blue sky, the green grass that stuck out of the bits of pure white snow. The trees breathed and waved at us, beckoning us into the forest. We ventured over a stone wall (which was a great feat for all of us, it was like leaving one dimension for another) and we journeyed into the woods. We had trouble figuring out where to enter the woods, as if there was a secret door somewhere. I just remember how breathtaking the pine trees were especially when I looked up through them at the sky. We then exited the same way we came in and decided the next place we would go was the cemetary. We found the cemetary surrounded by evergreens that were waving at us to come inside, and their smell was unbelievable. We went inside and none of us freaked out or became sad. We just stood there in silence for a while admiring the light and feeling a sense of respect for life and those that were buried there.
My best friend started eating a ball of snow and wiping snow off of the gravestones, so that the names could be read, it was very touching. Then we all became very thirsty, so we took our empty water bottle and packed snow into it so it would melt. This is a point when i felt that my friends were making perfectly good sense, and I wasn't, and I started wondering if I was the only one on drugs.
We walked outside for 3 hours, but it didn't seem that long at all. We had many spiritual experiences with nature (and by the way, none of us are the hippie, nature types, so this was a change for us!). I felt an incredible feeling of happiness, that I had never felt before, and haven't felt since. Every care I had was gone or at least "put on hold."
We then decided to go back to the apartment to pee (something I kept having to do the last 3 hours of my trip). we stayed here for a little while and had a lot of fun playing with things in the apartment, including my friend's kitten. I had picked a mushroom in the woods, and became very attached to it "because it was my new friend" and I brought it home.
The last part of the trip was ruined by a bad group dynamic or something, at least for me. I started noticing things about my friends personalities that I had known about before, but they were very magnified and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I became very paranoid and couldn't talk for about 2 hours straight as we were coming down. Everyone else was acting so normal I thought, I felt like I was the only one who was really fucked up and deep in thought. They started to piss me off in many ways, but I would never have been able to tell them...it was all a very internal paranoia, and I turned from being playful and alive to a loner (like I feel when I'm on opium, sort of). All I wanted to do was go to bed, I was cold and tired, but I felt bad abandoning the group during our trip so i stayed and we watched a movie.
All in all it was a great experience, however, the come- down is the last part I remember, and I felt really stupid and tired the next day. But when I look back on our quest into the forest, I can't help but want to try shrooms a second time. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland or Alice in "Through the Looking Glass," moving from one world to another, continually seeing and experiencing everyday things through the eyes of a child, as if I had never seen them before. It was completely surreal.

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