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first trip in the mountains


hello... my name is Jeremy. and me and my friend Matt took a trip out by flaming george during labor day weekend.. and we took a 1/4 oz. of mush with us... and a bunch of glow sticks and mp3 players with shpongle... Matt.. he considers himself a phsyconaut because he has been around hallucinogenics for a while... Ive taken them before.. but never like this.. he took around 2 grams.. and i took approximately 6 grams... and we left the tent and walked into the woods and found a spot to sit down... and after around 20 minutes i started to feel pretty good.. and we put the headphones on.. and started playing with the glow sticks.. and after i started tripping.. we started walking around. all the dead trees around us started turning into slithering creatures.. and soon we found ourselves in a real thick patch of trees... in which we chilled for around 45 minutes.. everything looked 2 dimensional.. and after a while we started walking around again... to me.. everything was like a scene from lord of the rings or something.. because Matt just basically was telling me all night.. come with me.. he was basically my guide through all of this...and soon we came up to this meadow.. and Matt said wait here. and he went back to the camp to put my mp3 player back. because i could barely walk anymore because the trip almost became to much for me to handle... and when he came back.. i guess i was making really weird sounds.. incomprehensible jabberings... and when he tried talking to me.. i had no idea were he was.. or were the sounds were coming from... and I turned away from him not knowing it... and ran off into the woods.. all night i could here all the other people at the camp laughing and with how far we were from camp.. i had no idea how i could here them.. i thought they were just voices in my head.. and because we were so loud our friend Weston came to find us.. and he found us because one of the green glow sticks broke.. he said it was like predator across the meadow... when he did find us... we were back in the thick patch of trees.. and there was a really weird smell but neither me or Matt realized it.. but when he found us.. we were both sitting about 3 feet from a decaying deer.. there was fur all around us.. and bones were behind us.. and he told us to follow him... to me.. he looked like an elf guiding us to the frog pond.. he took us to the road.. and gave us directions to the pond.. and soon after that me and Matt went on the journey to the pond.. but we didn't make it.. we ended up just laying down in the road.. melting into the earth.. that is when i started to have extreme visuals.. and reality faded away... I didn't know what was going on.. it was really cold.. but neither of us realized it.. we didn't even feel how cold it was.. Matt told me I was having an other worldly trip.. it was like i was in a different plane of reality... and after laying there for around an hour or two.. we decided to walk back to camp.. and on the way back.. there was a creek to our left. and it seemed to keep on flooding onto the road. even though it wasn't.. it looked as if the road was all mud.. even though it was hard.. and walking up to the fire at camp.. it seemed to me like everyone there was part of this crazy world i was in.. everyone was drunk.. but it seemed like everything was just going crazy... i would look into the coals.. and it would seem like all the wood was fading away... melting into nothing... the coals looked like lava.. flowing so carefully through the fire pit.. and we sat there at the fire until we came back... I cant really explain how i felt.. it was really amazing..

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