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first trip fun...in an empty squat...

My first trip was pretty unexpected, me and a few mates were squatting, we had a couple of candles, cause the electric was fucked, we even had a heater.

My first trip was pretty unexpected, me and a few mates were squatting, we had a couple of candles, cause the electric was fucked, we even had a heater. We'd spent about an hour or two drinking vodka and cider, laughing and carrying on in general. Running back from the pub across the street (only cause we used the toilets there) screaming "we're young! we're punk! we're druuunkkk!" haha it's fair to say I was in a really good mood so I had no problems when my mate gave me a few dried mushrooms he grew himself. Having never taken them beofre I didn't know what was coming, but I knew I'd always wanted to try them.
Everyone was like "eat them in bread, they taste vile!" so I did, though perhaps because of the alcohol numbing my tastebuds they didn't even taste bad anyway.
Half an hour later, it hit me, like a stoned feeling, heavyness black bubbles rose from the ground and I slumped against the radiator. I'm not sure when but everyone else decided to go outside I remembe rtelling them I wasn't going and just wanted to be alone, they had also left the tape playing - a millions of dead cops tape, hahah not the best thing, I thought.
As it started I don't know how much time had passed but I ended up lying on the floor with the "stoned" feeling when they came back, with boxes of snack a jacks they had skipped-dived! they threw them over me and I wa sshouting "I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!" I didn't like the music at first but there was nothing slower to listen to so when they went back out, it provided the soundtrack to the whole night.
At firdt I didn't want to open my eyes, kalidescopes formed in the blackness, I started to - and sorry for resorting to cliches "feel the music" after about an hour I dared to open my eyes, staring at the ceiling the chains suspending the lampshade turned into tiny, black, gorrilla-like men working their way round the lamp in time to the music!
A couple of times I got up to drink water (from a large bottle, we had no running water) the bottle would melt, re-melt the candles flowing in unison with me, the music...and the rest of the room.
The warmth of the heater helped a lot too, though I ended up under my quilt on the floor! from the corner of my eye, occasionally I would catch sight of a spiky haired punk bloke pointing to the ceiling, I laughed soo much and soo hard, at myself....sometimes muttering shit like "oh man this is soo, good" "yaaaahhhh!" I could tell how much time had passed, though I was in control most of the time, changin gthe candles when they'd burnt right down, eating snack a jacks.
Thr only time I felt anxious was when I needed to piss a couple of times and had to make my way through the empty squat, past the mirror and out to the garden into the dark!
As I sat in the garden, doing what I had to do the leaves of the treesand bushes intertwined with each other, like snakes, but not in a scary way...I just kept telling myself "I'm tripping" When I was lying down back inside, again I became one with the music (about 3 hours into it, at the peak) the sheet covering the window became zebra like, the curtain rail started not melting....but flowing, the walls pulsating, the ceiling was patterned with moving lines and colours. And during the entire trip my mobile ringtone was playing constantly in the back of my head, providing the background to the visuals.
When it wore off I ate, snack-a jacks, went to sleep and woke up feeling great! Except when I opened the door to get the shock of my life! one of the polish squatters had climbed through the window and was standing there "want some vodka?" he asked.....
what a great morning to end a great night!

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