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First trip changed my life

This was my first time tripping on shrooms.

This was my first time tripping on shrooms. A couple of buddies of mine had tried them for the first time the week before and said i should try them. I didn't want to but peer presure's a bitch so I agreed. I some how maneged to gag down an 1/8 of cubensies. After consuming the shrooms we decided to drive up to seattle which is about a half hour from where i live. We arived in seattle and still nothing was happening. I knew it wasn't that the shrooms were bad because by buddie in the back seat was tripping his ass off. After walking around seattle for a while still nothing was happening so we drove home. We arived back to tacoma and still nothing. We decided to go to some dudes house and watch a movie. As soon as i stepped out of the car it hit me. I felt a feeling of complete relaxation. I laid back on the coach and smoked a couple of cigaretes. There was no way i could follow the movie. I just remember feeling i was like the coolest person on the earth which couldnt be further from the truth. There was a huge poster of bob marley exhaling i felt a strange conection with him. After the movie my buddie drove me home at about three in the morning. After he dropped me off i forgot i didn't have my key's to the front dore of my appartment. Normally this would be no big deal. I would simply climb up the the balcany on the side. But then i became sad. It sounds dumb but I began to think how stupid it was that we need lock the entrence to the apartment, or lock doors in general as if we are assuming people are going to want to break in our houses and steal things from us. I refused to break into my own apartment. So I decided for the time being i would take a walk around a near by park. I sat down by a tree and began to get some crazy visuals. All you here people talk about with mushrooms are the crazy visuals you get. But realy thats was the last thing on my mind. My head began to wander. I started to think about my childhood and how blessed i have been to be raised by a women as loving and worm as my mother. I thought about all the sacrafises she had made throughout her life as a single parent to provied for me, and how all my life i had just taken her for granit. It made me sad as hell. Just as i thought of this i noticed a homeless man huddled underneath a blaket. There was nothing i wanted to do more at that moment then go show this man the love my mom had showed me all of my life. Then i began to think about what i was doing with my life.
Not growing up with much, money had always been a big deal to me. I had always been enfatuated with some day becoming rich. It wasent untill then i realized how completley stupid this was. I realized then that all the
money in the world would never bring happyness. I was conviced at this moment that i would quiet my stupid job and simply work for charities helping people for the rest of my life. It felt as if i had wasted a good part of my life being a greedy bastard only looking at for him self. I had been sitting near this tree for nearly two hours and i was so caught up with the thoughts in my head i did even realize it had began pouring down rain. I was drenched from head to towe. Half from the rain and half from the tears. Im not sure if i was crying out of sadness of my realizations or out of joy of them.
I got up walked back to my apartment shivering my ass off, dam was i cold. I really wanted to take a hot shower but the fucking doar was locked and there was no way i was going to break into my own apartment. So i decided to sit by the doar and wait for someone to let me in. It was about five by now so someone was bound to come. I sat there for about a month catching hypothermia and still nobody. So against every last will in my body i finally got up and broke in. When i got to my apartment i laid down in the hot shower and fell asleep. Dame did that feel good.

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