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First Trip -- LONG

This is a long story, just a warning.

This is a long story, just a warning. I remember the trip perfectly so I will address every aspect of it that I can for the sake of new trippers. Hope you enjoy!
The first time I tripped was a few weeks ago -- my friend Matt had been tellin me about his experiences for a while now and I was gettin psyched up to do it (I used to do chronic but after 'cid I don't have any want to do it :). So anyway my housekeeper dropped me off at my dad's ranch, where he wasn't supposed to show up at until past 2 am and we got there at 8. We assembled all the trip toys (oranges, lava lamp, you know the deal) and got into my jacuzzi at 'round 8:45. Mind you, this jacuzzi was MADE for tripping -- it had jets in the bottom with blue, purple and green lights shining on the jets--amazing. So we dropped about 2 high-powered pez each and i was so excited. The feeling can only be described as when you are going on the lift hill of a rollercoaster and you know there is no turning back -- i love it! So we dropped and waited a little while. Matt said that he was getting tired of sitting in the jacuzzi so we got out, dryed off and went to my room. In my room we had all the toys arranged and i have these two giant mural/paintings on my wall from the two comicbooks -- Witchblade and Fathom (u may know'em). So i was sitting on the bed excited waiting for shit to happen while i was looking at my painting when suddenly giant "bumps" moved around on it -- it looked like something was inside! i told my friend matt of this and he was like 5 minutes behind or something trip-wise so he still wasn't seeing anything yet. When he started to get visuals he turned on some music (one of THE best possible trip toys -- especially put on pink floyd, and my favorite: The Beatles Come Together -- that beat will give you millions of moments of eternity). So we were getting tired of sittin in my room so we walked around my 20-acre ranch and even tho it was nighttime on 'cid i wasnt scared at all :) ) I was getting more and more visuals and I looked out at one of my trees which wasn't dripping like most people see, rather I thought I saw a Cheschire Cat waggin its tail on one of the branches (pretty cool) We smoked two bowls hoping it would make the trip even better (which it did) and we smoked some Kamel Red's (tasty). Nearing the peak, I saw major kaleidoscopes of cheschire cats (evil ones but it was fun) in the trees that were flashing different colors -- this was my favorite part of the trip -- i suggest looking for cheschires when u trip! The only bad part of my trip lasted for a very few minutes, and wasn't all bad. The trees suddenly (as in SUDDEN) flashed red and green evil eyes at me and they wouldn't "look away" so i was freaking out and I told my friend that I wanted to go back in. I felt better once we got inside and we hung out in there, doin some stuff. I looked at my hand (big mistake -- never EVER do this on a trip, its scary and i saw it deteriorating before my very eyes...i couldnt even feel it when i knew it was there!!!)My friend, experience, notice this and reminded me to stop. Another trick he showed me was to put either gloves or (my favorite,) socks on my hands---I instantly felt better. Its a GOOD tip please use it! Anyway after listening to the music for a while, I got bored and said I wanted to go outside again. So we went outside and there was this tiny (maybe 5 inch across lol) ditch that we were freaked out of cuz it looked huge at the time. we "managed" to get across and we went to this one tree and my friend said it looked like water buffaloes. even in this acid-induced state i could still tell many aspects of reality, and I thought he was fucking crazy so i just laughed along with him. Oh by the way it was an orange tree (citrus does nicely on trips). god that night we must have smoked 17 Red Cigarettes (a record for me -- im not much of a smoker) But, getting on track,we went back to my room. I had this GIANT teddy bear (which are the coolest trip toys cuz they "breathe" and "blink" I LOVED HIM (im a straight guy but u know when ur trippin u dont care what other people think of you) I hugged this bear so much my friend got jealous and made fun...I named the bear Jerry (which i take on every trip now with me he's my travel bud). We (matt and i not the bear) went into the bathroom and he kept smacking me every time id look at myself in the mirror cuz i looked like fucking death on acid. we were about peaking (this was about 3 hours into the trip --i say the longer the better, more fun). At this point i was freaking out cuz i thought i heard my dad coming into this house. i was PISS scared but matt kept checking to see if he was there since he was in better condition than I was. Being the fucking stoner/acidhead he is he left the fucking weed and pipe and cigarettes on my desk in plain view for any onlookers...but luckily i hid them away. Suddenly, Matt goes outside and goes Shit your dad's here...i was like Fuck -- man we were peaking HARD at that point. So my dad walks in the room -- im pretty under control cuz i didnt want to jeopardize anything so i looked him straight in the face which is fucking hard at the peak and he didnt notice a thing. i managed to talk perfectly -- thank god theres so much control with cid! on the other hand my friend Matt was on the bed and my dad said No shoes on the bed. Matt looked at him stupidly,smiled and then lounged his feet on the fucking bed like my dad didnt say anything. i fell on the floor (figuratively)laughing at this action and my dad suddenly said: "That's a nice bubbly-thing you have over there" he pointed and it wasin the direction of the pipe so i was freaking i thought i forgot to hide it!! i looked over and it was just my lava lamp tornado thing -- i felt relieved! he left the room, and we started to come down from the peak. I didn't care toooo much that we were going down but I have to say its EXTREMELY depressing...it feels like you just took the biggest adventure of your life which cant be rivaled...and then stopped. i decided to try and make the best of the trip so I looked at my paintings again which still had traces of kaleidoscopes all over them as well as many still visual distortions...I had trouble falling asleep and I actually thought i had Psychosis from the acid. matt managed to talk me down from the fear,and i eventually fell asleep...there are so many things i left out but this story would have taken all day to write so i addressed the most important/significant stuff.....if you have ANY questions at all about tripping (fear of first time, what toys to use, etc) feel free to email me -- Id love to help everybody. Psilocybin_@hotmail.com Thanks for reading this i had fun writing it!

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