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First Trip - WOW-

This is my first Trip report.

This is my first Trip report.

My first time on shrooms was great, I ate about 1.5 grams of the strain Tropicalis. I started at 14.00 hours. After about 30 min i began to feel a buzz, and i where smiling cause id knew they where kicking in. So i went from my PC to lye in my bed. I began to see colors, and the walls where breathing. I don't remember much, cause all of a sudden it where 5 a clock, so i went out side, and saw the grass. It where growing right in front of me, everything was beautiful. Came back inn and the trip started to wear off. Began to feel tired, so i laid down on my bed again, and just watched the hallinusiansjon. It was great. then i fell a sleep and slept to 3 a clock the next morning.

It was so grate that i look forward to my next trip.


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