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Alone in the kitchen contemplating existance, 1st shroom trip

*There are probably spelling mistakes, just ignore them.

*There are probably spelling mistakes, just ignore them.

T - 0:00 : 2.5 G (Half Fresh) Cubensis
T - 1:45 : 1 G (Half Fresh) Cubensis
T - 2:45 : 1 Cannibis (Joint)
T - 3:50 : 3.5 G (Half Fresh) Cubensis
T - 4:20 : 2 G (Half Fresh) Cubensis
T - 4:35 : 1 Alcohol (Rye and Coke)
T - 5:30 : 1 Cannibis (Joint)

T - 0:00
I've just grown my first batch of mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) and left them out to dry a couple days ago. My sister and I wanted to do them together, because we are both unexperienced with shrooms. We planned out which day we would do them so we would be ready (Off from work, etc...). The shrooms were out to dry, they could have used another 24 hours I think. They were about half dry, I didn't know what difference in potency that would do, so to be safe I just assumed they were dry. I ate 2.5 G of half dry shrooms straight. They tasted better than I thought they would, they were gross but tolerable, I drank some juice to rid the taste. My sister did the same, 2.5 G straight.

T - 1:00
Both of us didn't feel different at all.

T - 1:20
My sister reports nauseas stomach and nothing else, me nothing.

T - 1:45
We both decided that the shrooms were still too fresh to actually experience anything at that dose. We decide to consume another gram of shrooms straight.

T - 2:10
I still feel nothing. My sister reports very mild visuals.

T - 2:45
My sister reports some time dilation, maybe she was just tired. We both decide we need a smoke, so we go outside and smoke a joint of ganja each.

T - 3:30
We both feel nothing still, except the weed a bit. We figure that the shrooms must be too fresh still and we decide to eat the rest of the shrooms. My sister chops up the shrooms into little pieces.

T - 3:50
My sister finishes cutting the shrooms and divides them into 2 piles of 3.5 G each. We take our piles of chopped up shrooms, throw them in our mouths and wash them down with juice. I almost threw up, because there were too many pieces trying to go down at the same time.

T - 4:20
My sister chops up the last 4 G of shrooms and we consume the same way as before, except not so many at a time. (We both had 2 G each). We sat around talking, hoping something would happen. I find some Rye in my closet and decide to mix it with a Coca-cola.

T - 4:25
We both get really giggly and start laughing hard at just about anything. Stupid things come to mind. Effects of the ganja are long gone and I knew this was from the shrooms.

T - 4:45
Calmed down, don't feel giggly anymore. Just euphoriac. Notice the door breathing once, and my bed rippling once.

T - 5:30
We both report that all we feel is a stoning effect from the shrooms. And decide that we will smoke again and go to bed. We go outside, smoke a joint each. My sister goes back in the house and I decide to take a walk before going in. At the end of the drive way and down the road a bit, I notice colorful halos around objects, and sounds were very clear and loud. Outside was beautiful I get very distractive thought patterns and take about 10 minutes to get back to the house. I would tell myself to get to the house, but about 5 steps later I would forget what I was doing and start tripping. After a couple minutes of tripping I realized what I was doing and resumed course to the house, I did this a bunch of times. I get back in the house finally and go to my sister's room where we talk. She says when she got in the house and into her room she thought someone was behind the door and when she looked at her bed, a naked chick was lying there and morphed into her pillow. She said after entering her room taking her jacket off, she goes to the bathroom, while there she reports of walls rippling and a chair breathing. When she looked in the mirror, she said she could see herself as an old lady and when she was really young. She goes back in her room and that's when I walk in. I see many colorful moving patterns in her room, they looked like some south american native patterns. We think the weed jump started the effects of the shrooms. My sister turns on music and we relax.

T - 8:00
My sister decides to go to bed, I go upstairs into the kitchen. I sit down and forget what I was doing. I see many 2D patterns and fractals. At times I think heard sounds. Time dilation dramatically increased. I would look at the clock on the oven about every 5 minutes which seemed about an hour everytime. I enjoyed the 2D visuals and all of sudden objects in kitchen start to change in size and stretch big and small. I sat by watching, shaking my head and the objects stopped resizing. I look at the clock and it seems like no time has passed at all, it feels like I've been in this kitchen for over a day now. I decide since I'm feeling the shrooms, I might as well try to read and see how that goes, I get up and try to read some stuff on the fridge, I found it too distractive and think about how the universe is a fractal and there are infinite dimensions of every possibility. And since I kept forgetting what I was doing, I wouldn't do anything. So I figured out, that the mind is part of this inifite giant fractal of a universe and the mind was like a solar system or a molecule. You know how there are planets rotating around a sun or electrons rotating around a nucleus? Well I figured the mind had to work by rotating around some sort of goal. I remember telling myself I have no purpose and I need a goal to live, but I remember or think up one. The mind was a fractal itself too, and the universe which is a fractal was also like a yin-yang, good and evil, true and false, 1 and 0. I figured that binary was also the language of the universe. 0 being absolute good,true, or God. 1 being evil, false, or the devil. And fractals (and the universe) were everything between 1 and 0. I figured that no matter how good some one was, there is always evil in them, since it's impossible to be pure good (god) or pure evil (devil) or impossible for a fractal to actually be 1 or 0, thus infinite. I figured the physical world is an art form of this universal fractal, life in trees, humans etc were all fractals. I figured out the reason why we exist is because since 0 = true, good, existance, etc and 1 = false, evil, non-existance. The reason why everything existed rather than nothing existing at all is because just like in mathematics, 0x1=0. 0 will over do 1, thus everything had to exist and good will always triumph. While I was thinking about a fractal universe, I figured there were infinite dimensions of every possiblity. And tripping on psychedelics was actually a gateway to experience these other dimensions or alternative realities. And lastly I figured that if anyone were to experience a level 5 on psychedelics, they would experience a infinite realities simultaneously. But I've never done that many shrooms or other drug before, so I'm sure the experience is quite different.

T - 8:45
As the time dilation bothered me, I remember saying that every hour lasts an eternity and I have snapped, I've gone insane. I felt that in reality this will all be over in a few hours, but since I'm on shrooms, to me this will last an eternity and I didn't like that idea. I finally decide that I need to go to bed before this turns into a really bad trip. It took me a couple of tries but finally I got downstairs and my sister called me in her room. So I walked in and she was watching TV. We talked, she told me what she saw as she tried to go to sleep. Alligators turning into women or something. Anyways she couldn't sleep.

T - 9:00
We both try to get some sleep, but I was still too wide awake, I told her I wanted to go outside and sing. She said fine go. So I went outside and took a breather. Came back in, brushed my teeth, went to bed. Couldn't sleep though.

T - 10:00
Still not asleep, I just laid in bed, listening to music, petting the cat. I could see patterns a bit, but not nearly as much as before. I stared at my chair in my room for awhile. I thought some more, nothing like before, more like I work tomorrow and what would I do if shrooms permenantly screwed me over and I felt like this forever. I said I don't think I could handle it all the time and figured I would have to commit suicide if anything like that happened. Finally I dozed off.

T - 11:00
Woked up sweating in bed, I was too hot. So I took off the blankets and went back to sleep.

T - 11:30
Woke up again sweating. Got up and got a drink. Went back to sleep

T - 12:00
My oldest brother wakes me up, scares the shit out of me. I talk to him for a while, I couldn't really see anything anymore, I think I saw patterns but could've just been me. I wasn't wearing my glasses.

T - 17:00
Woked up by baby sister giving me my mail, startled me even more than last time. I remember waking up and seeing her walk towards me, I sat up, reached my hand out and told her to get back. She gives me my mail "Me give you mail". I decide to get up. I have a headache. I feel really tired and slow. I don't feel like thinking. Rest of the day I felt really groggy with a headache until about T - 27:00 where I smoked a joint and felt like I was on shrooms again, and felt uncomfortable and a bit scared and went to bed a couple of hours later. When I finally wake up (About T - 40:00) I feel perfectly sober and happy.

In conclusion, I think the shrooms were half dry so they were stronger than fresh shrooms but weaker than dry. We (my sister) both agreed we didn't really feel anything until after that second joint. We think the weed kick started the shrooms. I notice coming up on shrooms I felt cold but while coming down I felt hot. Smoking that joint the next night brought back some uneasy feelings I had on shrooms. And made me wonder if I really had a traumitizing trip, I thought of it as an amazing experience, but maybe all that shit in the kitchen fucked me over a bit. Today the day after smoking that joint, I smoked again, and feel as I usually do. All is over. Can't wait to do shrooms again. Next time I'm going to make sure the shrooms are absolutely dry so I don't have to guess their dosage and be suprised by their effects and plan more activies to do so I don't get stuck in a kitchen again or something. I think by eating the shrooms, I was feeling a level 1 and the weed raised it to a level 2. Peace out.

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