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First trip - The rebirth of man

Male 18 150 lbs.

Male 18 150 lbs.

I have been smoking cannibus for 2 years, tried Extacy and Opium once and done Dex a few times, but I had always been hesitant to trip, although my friends had been doing it for a long time. Yesterday afternoon, on a whim I decided to go with my good friends C and M to go shrooming. C drove while me and M ran the fields. We found about 12-15 caps and were glad the field hadn't peen picked over as it was a very popular field.

We took them back to C's house, whose parents were out of town for a week. We put the mushies in a stocking and boiled them and squeezed all the juices out. We then mixed the concoction with orange gatorade and put it in a pig cooler with a spot at the bottom. We starting drinking it at about 6:10 in the evening. In all I drank 2 full glasses of shroom aide and a half glass of the really purple liquid on the bottom. I think this is what did it for me. M and C who are experienced trippers drank only a little bit more, about 3 glasses each.

About 25 minutes later, we were sitting outside listening to the Beach Boys. I started to feel stoned and eventually noticed that the wooden planks on the porch were moving up and down independently of each other. I watched this with a huge smile on my face for about 15 minutes, constantly laughing at things people were saying.

Eventually we went inside and watched the first 20 minutes of the Grateful Dead movie which was thouroughly entertaining. After that we began to watch "2001: A Space Oddessy" (If you have not seen it please partake and gain a new understanding of the origin of man). We watched the begining part with the primates and I had a vision that all humans act like apes in very subtle ways. We then skipped forward to the ending part of the mocie with Jupiter the crazy lights and the rebirth of man.
It was then that I really started to trip hard. I could see strange movements on the walls in the pheriphery of my vision. There were curves made out of straight lines that were colored in various ways. I saw the speakers of the stereo bouncing up and down. The only thing I could focus on was the movie, but it made me trip harder. As it apporoached the ending sequence (the rebirth of man) I begin to live in 5 second intervals of experience. I would instantaneously forget all that had occured in the last 5 seconds and start a new experience. After this I lost touch with my body. Sitting on the couch I begin to realize that my body did not belong to me. All that there was was my vision and that was 100 percent of my physical experience. I could see different layers of my mind suspended in the air in front of me. At this point I felt I was on the edge of insanity. I thougt about many troubling things: "I cant go home like this, how long has it been since I drank that, what will I do if i freak out." Whenever this happened I just had to let the mushrooms control me and let go of my control. This was difficult to do with the strange feelings rising up my spine.

After the movie was over I didnt move for about 20 minutes.
I then went outside to go swimming. I lost the button on my pants while I was changing into my bathing suit but I didnt seem to care. I waded out into the pool and decided to get out in about 30 seconds. I t5hen sat by the edge of the pool and watched the light under the water make shadows on the house. At one point my entire vision was fuzzy and I could barely see.

For the next few hours I just chilled and talked to people in different rooms, the whole time carrying around 2 blankets as I was freezing. I listened to some more music (Who's Next, Kind of Blue), walkled on a golf course twice, tried to go bowling (it was closed), watched George Carlin standup, watched a George Burns movie about old people, and eventually went swimming again. The chronology of these events are nearly lost to me.

I did not go to sleep until about 6 in the morning, a full twelve hours since I began this crazy trip. All in all I think I mostly enjoyed my experience. I probably took too much for my first time but I have glad that I got a hard trip on my belt early in my psychadelic career. I think that I will definetely try it again but with less mushrooms and maybe eaten. I want to learn to control my own mind and access parts that have yet to be discovered. Thank You. Peace.

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