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first trip (tripped balls)

me and my friends have been trying to get our hands on these magic mushrooms for quite some time now and last thursday we finally got em.

me and my friends have been trying to get our hands on these magic mushrooms

for quite some time now and last thursday we finally got em. (not like they're

hard to find, but every person around here is so unreliable.) so i woke up that

day and ate a huge breakfast, and fasted the rest of the day. at around 5 we

went to vibrations in enfield to pick up a slide for my new bong, and on the

way home we chomped down a half eighth each. after about 20 minutes in the car,

i started feeling reeeeaally good about life and stuff. i was so excited for

what to come. by the time we got to jamie's house i was tripping, and when we

got out of the car my jaw dropped to the ground. everything was so fucking

beautiful. i suddenly got the urge to just run, i dont know where to though my

legs just wanted me to run away. jamie and jess weren't really tripping yet so

we just went inside and saved our nature walk for later. when i got in the

house i heard a really wierd noise like a plane starting up or something and

thought it was coming from the tv but it really wasn't. we went upstairs and i

went nuts. jamie's room was filled with such interesting objects, beautiful

flowers, floating posters (one of which appeared to have a furry texture). this

is when i started really tripping, and also payo started aswell. i looked

around again and everything i focused on i could move. all the posters were

swaying like flags, and the popcorn pattern ceiling was rearranging into bumpy

patterns that i stopped and admired for awhile. jamie still wasnt tripping yet,

although i think she really was but just not noticing the right things. so she

ended up eating another half eighth. she then went to the bathroom and me and

jess talked about some things that were going on. when jamie came back from the

bathroom we went outside, and i heard jamie yell "LETS GO" trying to hurry us

up and i thought she was really mad and i was scared. but then i looked at her

and she was smiling so i guess i imagined her yelling. so we went outside and

to her driveway. my eyes grew wide and we looked around at everything. soon we

found ourself looking at a crack in her driveway. it looked as if i could just

lift up her driveway by prying at the crack. i tried but no one would help me,

although for some reason i felt it lifting a little when i tried. so we

continued out the driveway and towards a dirt road. jamie then told me a simple

phrase, "i get it" and we were all connected into this dream world. so our

adventure begun. we walked on the dirt road and since it was wet it felt like

it was sinking. there was a ton of people around, and this is when i realized i

was beginning to hallucinate. i saw a man raking his snow covered yard, and

when i went to look again he was gone. i heard a ton of cars, but when i looked

around they didnt exist. we then were confronted by a cop, and i started

bugging out. as we continued our walk i saw puddles that seemed endless, that i

could jump in and fall down a long underwater cavern. i also then saw a huge

tree covered with snow, and it looked like a furry tree that was calling me to

climb it, but we thought we were wasting time so we went home (later to find

out it was only about 15 minutes). we packed our pockets with neccesary items

for our trip and we headed to me and payo's house. jamie drove well, like she

was connected with the car and moving it with her mind instead of the pedals.

we took some pictures and when we looked at the camera the pictures looked like

drawings. when we got to my house we went in the woods and hung out in my

smoking fort. i heard many voices and when we left the fort i saw only one guy

and his dog. but my mind couldnt handle what the dog was so i saw them as one

being. the legs were moving fast and flowing like a tentacle or something, and

jamie started referring to people as "things". we then went to watch some home

movies and this is when i peaked. in the movies all the background objects were

moving and most of them changed wierd colors. then i looked at my sisters face

and her eyes started wigging me out. they were trying to get away from

eachother and strectching her face to both sides. i thought her head was going

to pop so i left the room. i then had an urge to run outside so i did. ii just

kept running and when i stopped i had the wierdest experience ever. i was

facing a wall, and when i turned around i was surrounded by fresh snow. there

was footprints only up to about 10 feet from me, and i had no clue how i got

the rest of the way. i was very intrigued by this and then jamie came outside

and we played with the snow. i threw a snowball at this huge tree in my yard

from about 60 feet away and it began to shake the whole tree vigurously. we

walked for a bit until we saw a neighbor of mine staring at us through his

window. we ran back to the house and in the process noticed that since we were

scared everything around us looked negative and like it was going to hurt us.

sticks were placed in my footpath trying to trip me, empty cans and bottles

were scattered, poles were broken and bent, we had to get inside. we went in

and smoked 2 bowls through my new bong and felt pretty stoned, and then we went

to my sisters room to look at her iguana. it was an amazing being, so small yet

so smart. i started to think what it would be like if i was a lizard, if my

skin was scaled, and i imagined myself having green skin. it even felt that way

when i touched my arm. we watched some tv and then went downstairs to smoke

again. i also split a ciggarette with payo. when i smoked it i noticed it

breathed with me, and grew and shrunk in length. by this time it was about 12,

and stuff was still moving but i was definitely coming down. we played some

music and i felt so peaceful. i was laying on just a pillow and a comforter

layed on the floor, yet it was the most comfortable thing ive ever done. we

were so peaceful, and just kindof all closed our eyes to see beautiful

geometric patterns, and eventually, dose off to sleep.

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