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First Timer-wierdnes

Hey there!

Hey there! I tripped for the first time a few weeks ago...the first half was good the last half, bad. I ate half an eighth on my friend's reccomendation. Nothing happened for about an hour...but then it kicked in. I smoked some weed so it made it more intense. We mixed weed with shroom dust (is that ok?). I was all over the place, so my pals sat me down and popped in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". I began emulating Hunter S Thompson...talking and acting like him... My friend who will remain nameless stopped by...her face was all contorted and she looked really evil. I began to write some poetry...when I read it the next morning...it was all wierd. I wanted my friends to stay the night...It was my first time and I was scared...but they left me...things began to go downhill...everything was like a cheesy 60s horror movie...dark, grey, ghosts everywhere...Ricky Ricardo looked like satan on tv...eventually I threw up really hard...and felt a tad better. Eventually I fell asleep but it was really hard. Is this normal? Where did I go wrong? I'm not sure if I'll do it again...

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