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First timer(good long read)

Hey there.

Hey there...Just so you all know this is my first time at trying to write about anything like this and it's a terribly hard thing to write about..

So the day started with me and 3 of my friends getting nicely stoned...My friend who I'll call "a" had his mum leaving that evening we discovererd so we were going to stay at his...But then we ended up at another friends house "j" and we began to notice how coool his room was(we were still nicely stonned)...So for no reason whatsoever we thought it'd be funny to do shrooms in there...

I had kind'a gone on and off wanting to do them but I thought that day would be a great time to do them...So me and my friend "A" who had done them a couple of times before rushed down to a local store that we knew sold mushrooms very quickly before it closed... We bought 30g of fresh cubenisis..

So after returning to "j's" house we waited for a while..."J" didn't know we had them so me and my friend carried on trying to convince each other to eat them first as we were playing Halo..

So I went to his bathroom and ate quite a lot...under my friends advice to eat more then half the packet...So I ate quite a lot..More then half for sure..The taste wasn't very nice at all..It made me feel slightly nauseous(sp?) so I drank some water...

After heading back into "j's" room I sat down and continued to play halo for quite a while...And I ate a few more of the shrooms as "a" ate a few as well..

So after a while I decided to lay down on "j's" bed and wait for the things to kick in...I first felt a strange feeling in my legs..Like a buzzing of sorts so I thought they may have kicked in...How wrong I was...I stared at the ceiling for a while..Sort of TRYING to see hallucinations which wasn't working...So my friends were playing spiderman(remember that)

So after staring at the ceiling for some time I started to notice funny colours, which I had thought was the t-v screen..But the colours wer unusual in a way, I'm not sure how.. Then it hit me..

I felt a buzzing all over my body and I kept on rolling over feeling the new sensation...I was in my own world entirely and began to loose contact with what was real or not. I was given a book by "j" who afterwards became the nicest person I ever knew.. The book was a "wheres wally" after opening it for a second I decided I was way to fucked for it so just began feeling about with it.. It was INCREDIBLE it was almost like I was taking the knowlage up from it and it was great..But after a while I think I threw it away or something..

The next thing I remember happening was staring at the spiderman game.. I seriously urge any shroomer to try this game or watch it while under the influence.. Watching the screen from a distance was strange, as the colours leaked out of the television and expanded.. I wasn't really watching the game..But rather feeling it..The buzz of flying down New York at some 100mph was intense but brilliant.

After that I returned to turning over and over...When I suddenly thought that I had to move my hand over some obstacle that I can't remember...Doing it was incredibly hard but I "knew" that I HAD to do it. After doing it I began crying..Because I was so happy so I continued to do so until I was told by "j" that I was dribbling so I fell onto the floor(only a small drop, didnt hurt at all)

So then as I was on the floor all my friends started talking to me (including "a" who was also tripping mildly)but I didn't accept that they were talking to me..I had something more important to be up 2..The floorboards were made of wood...

I lay on the floor for hours watching the grain slide and move and change colours, warping into each other and expanding..I tried to look up but I couldn't take in the information of the rest of the room so I kept looking at the floor..

I'm not sure of the events of what order things happened next so I'll say a few of the things..

At 1 point "j's" mother came in as I was tripping hard on the floor..Despite not being able to make co-hearent speach before hand I mustered the will to say I was fine..

I tried standing up but it was a weird experience...I could feel the empty space pushing down on me which wasn't very pleasant..

Later some people wanted to watch "the ring"...I really didn't want 2 so I didn't watch most of it...Prefering to open the door a crack and look outside..It wasn't a very nice time looking out there..Because I knew the ring was on..It was the nearest thing to a bad trip...Altho it wasn't neccessarily that bad it was just not very intense and a bit depressing...

It was weird sobering up...Because it just stopped suddenly...Unlike weed that has a "lingering" effect shrooms just stopped suddenly for me and I became intensly sober..

In short shrooms were an awsome experience and I urge people to try them..But don't EVER expect them...I have read tonnes of stories on here but nothing can properly tell you what it's like...It's impossible..It's like a dream..

(please leave feedback here as I'd love to know "where to go next)

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