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first timer me and my two friends

well me and friend and his younger brother bought 8 grams of cubensis and split them three ways it was all of ours first time tripping.

well me and friend and his younger brother bought 8 grams of cubensis and split them three ways it was all of ours first time tripping. at first we we were hesitant to think eating 2.4 grams of shit would have any effect at all. but downing them with a big glass of oj, which i hear intenses your trip, is not that bad. well since im in rehab my friend and his brother smoked a j without me damnit. well we sat one the couch and watched some movie when my friend started saying he was feeling really weird and it just didnt fell like being high on weed. and a very short while after he told me him and his brother started luaghing uncontrolably which made me think there freaking out cuase i felt normal, until i saw some actor in the movie eyes melt thats when i began to laugh with them. I left my friend becuase of the very loud luaghter and his parents were upstairs and i couldnt get cuaght. so me and his younger brother went for a walk and you gotta beleive me outside is a whole nother story. his younger brother wouldnt shut the hell up so i left him and walked about two miles back to my house in the middle of the night. that walk was so intense. the road was "runny" and i was seeing everything "blend" around me. my first trailer i saw was when i spit and it was like a stream of water flowing out of my mouth it was pretty cool so whenever i could spit i would becuase it was fucking awesome. then about halfway home for some reason i put my knife in my mouth (no clue why but i had heard things feel weird in your mouth) blade closed of course. then i saw some car turn into my neighboorhood and i saw the same car turn in like three times hella close together all warped into one. then i got home still fried and my dogs freak out and that woke up my mom so when i got inside she was there waiting for me, i was like shit, her face was all fucked up and warping and then she made me take the dogs out becuase i scared the shit of them. then i went to my room and floated away in some tunes. so i talked to my friend the next morning and basically we all saw the same type of things and overall had a awesome first time experience and couldnt understand how you could have a bad trip but im sure ill eventually experience one when next time we can get ahold of more shrooms and hopefully hit a level four or five

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