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Alone at home

I am a highschool student.

I am a highschool student. I have been smoking pot for awhile, and wanted to try something new. So i was at home one night and decided i would down some shrooms. I had 2 grams. I was scared in the beginning because i didnt know what to expect. I ate them plain with soda. After i ate them i went to sit down on my sofa. I watched friends and after about half an hour i felt a strange buzzing in my skull. Thinking back on it i was very stupid because i did them with my brother and dad home, but i was fine because i can control myself and stayed away from them most of the night. After the tv show was over i went to the bathroom because i wanted to see if my eyes were messed up. MY pupils were huge and i started laughing at myself. I realized that i was trippin. I started to talk to myself in the mirror and i was dancing around in the bathroom for about half an hour. I played around and made fun of myself, and funny stuff like that. After that was done i went into my room, turned of all the lights, started blasting my music, and danced for like 2 hours straight. I was tripping kinda hard and had some hilusiations. I saw alot of colors around my room and i enjoyed sucking on my thumb for some reason. Then I went on my computer to this website and looked at some trippy art work. I have aim and a girl imed me and I told her what i had just done, she told me i ate shit and started to give me a bad trip. Luckily i read about shrooms before i ate them from this site, and told myself that i was fine and i just kept repeating that. After about 5 or 10 minutes i was fine again, and my trip was still good. I continued to stare at ti die posters and they began to spin. Then I danced somemore....I LOVE SHROOMS.

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