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First timer - Good over all

Well it all started when a friend of mine (We'll call him Jack) called me up and said he had found a good shroom connect for 30 an eigth.

Well it all started when a friend of mine (We'll call him Jack) called me up and said he had found a good shroom connect for 30 an eigth. After calling up another friend of mine (We'll call im Allen) we agreed to go half on it, and then each eat half. So after getting the shrooms we were checking them out at Allens house, Allen, being an experienced shroomer, said they looked pretty good. We agreed to 'take a day off' school the next day, and eat them at his house.

The next day I meet him at this house, we had the house to ourselves untill about 3 o'clock, so we had a huge window of time for shrooming. We munched our halfs down with a glass of OJ at about 9-ish, I must say they tasted horrible, and were hard to chew, they had a kind of jerky like texture. About 30 minutes had gone by, and niether of us were feeling anything so we diceded to go smoke a few bowls. We went out in the back and were just kicking back smoking, when it started to hit me. I was just kind of spacing out, staring at his lawn, when the ground seemed like it started to ripple, like rolling waves, immmediatly after I started to feel really heavy, and my eyes felt huge, like I had them open really wide. After about 2 bowls, we went in. I sat down on the couch, and we were trying to find something to watch, and ended up leaving it on re-runs of The Cosby Show on TV Land. I dont really remember what was going on while watching the show, just that we were laughing our asses off over pretty much nothing. Then I was having trouble focusing on the TV, it was like the show was meant to be watched with 3-D glasses, but I didnt have them on, kinda out of focus, with odd colored outlines around everything. I hadnt noticed, but it was about 2 hours after we had come inside, I had totally lost track of time. My body felt really tired, and even though I wanted to go explore the house, I couldnt make myself get off the couch. Next thing I remember is looking at these tall candle holders that are by his fireplace, they had a funny design that kinda bent in a few directions before going straight up to hold the candle, if I looked at it long enough, the whole room started to move in that design, kinda back and forth, like looking through a glass of water. At this time I thought I must be peaking, and forced myself to get up and walk around a little. After moving to the kitchen I was seriously starting to trip, I was seeing funny blotches of color everywhere, and everything seemed new to me, like unfimiliar, even my own hands seemed different. Whenever I touched something, it just felt so strange, but a good strange, so I just stood there for a while feeling around the walls and picking up fruit on the counter and smelling it. It all just seemed so cool to me. I pored myself a glass of Cool-aid and was in totall shock to just how good it tasted, and the smell was just blowing my mind. I quickly downed the glass and decided to venture out in the backyard. Allen was content, kicking back on the couch with his headphones on, listening to something, so I just went out without him. As soon as I stepped outside, I noticed just how nice it was out. The air smelled fresh and crisp, and everything was just so awesome looking. As I walked around I found myself noticing the stupidest things, like a spec of dirt on a leaf, or small broken twig on the ground, yet some how these things were so amazing to me. After what seemed like hours of walking around, I walked back inside. It turned out I was only out for about 10 minutes, time seemed to going so slow now, the minutes just crawling by. I sat down on the couch again, but then I started to feel really funny, I couldnt quite put my finger on it, but something was wrong. I remembered what I read about bad trips, and how to prevent them, so I moved to the kitchen and got a glass of water, but still everything felt wrong. I started to get really anxious and kinda freaked out by everything. I grabbed my CD-Player that I had brought over, I had a CD full of soft, slow music, just incase of a situation like this. Allen asked if I was okay, and I told him I was starting to freak out and needed a change of setting, he understood what I meant, and told me I could go lay on his bed. I had just sat down in his room, and then Allen came in asking if I was alright. He started to rub his eyes, and I was just looking at his hands, they started to melt down his face! Like if the skin was just melting off of his body. I jumped and just stared at him, he made a little laughing noise and asked if I was alright, this time sounding concerned. By this time all the sking was just hanging almost to the ground, and I could seriously see what could only be his skeleton. I just walked out of the room becuase I couldnt look at him anymore. He must have known I just needed some time to get myself back together, becuase he stayed in this room for a bit, and I chilled in the living room listening to my music. The room was doing that wierd wavy thing again, and colors were just going wild. By this time my bad trip had subsided and I was just enjoying the visuals. He came back in the room and I told him I was cool now, so we watched some TV. After laughing our asses off watching The Steve Harvey Show, I was noticing even wierder things, I couldnt really follow the show, and it seemed like the people were just talking jiberish. I started to get a little scared again, so I turned the channel. Allen looked at me with a what-the-hell-are-you-doing kinda look, and I told him it just "needed to be changed". He once again understood. I left it on some movie channel and we were watching Star Wars, which was pretty fun to watch with all the flashy colors and crazy alien creatures. After a bit I just got bored of watching it, so I just sunk my head into a pillow that was on his couch and closed my eyes. I was having really intense visuals. I could see vivid colors swirling all over, and sequences of letters flying past really fast. At the same time millions of thoughts and memories were just darting through my head. I looked up again, and felt a little dizzy. It was a little past 2 now, and everything seemed to wear off really quickly, like all the sudden I was tripping pretty hard, then nothing at all. Allen said we needed to leave soon cuase his parents were coming home in a bit. I called up friend of mine who I knew had come home early from school (Jack). We cleaned up his house and made it look like no one was there, and walked over to Jacks, when we got there we just kicked back for a while and told him about the experience, then it was about 3:30 and it was safe for everyone to go home because school was out for the day.

Over all it was a pretty good experience, besides a few things that started to go wrong, but luckily I kept my cool and calmed down. I really liked the trip over all, and will difinetly do them again sometime. If you havent gotten shroomed, your missing out. Fo 'sho.

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