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first timer

OK well I'm a 140 pound 16 year old guy , and well this is what happened .

OK well I'm a 140 pound 16 year old guy , and well this is what happened . this guy i sorta know had some mushrooms and me and my friend( he had already done them ones) ask him if we could have some , and he said yeah so the next day we went to his house at 6 and he gave us some vitamin c and we just ate it then we went to blaze it ( weed) in his backyard. and before we started smoking we ate the mushrooms. so we waited about 20 minutes and nothing happened so we ate a cap (at first we just ate a stem). then 10 minutes later we went to a different part of the backyard and he turned on some music and it was fucking bad. then there was this painting on the wall outside his house , and i was just starring at it when suddenly the paint started to drip of the wall , and i just went along with it , then i looked up and the stars were dancing. then about an hour past so we went to the front yard. and in the front Yard that when it really hit me. at first i forgot were i was and who everyone was, then i thought my friend died, but it was like whatever. then i needed to go pee and it felt like my body was moving itself, because i just went to corner without thinking about it. then when i was there the sprinklers turned on and i panicked then i ran , and when i turned around i tried to fight my friends , then we went to call this other guy we knew , and when i was at his house it looked like everyone was pasted to the background and like everything was caved in. then i tried to fight them again but i quickly came back, then we just went to kick it and they were telling me about weed and i had forgotten what it was, and i forgot what i looked like , and i had forgotten that i blazed it ..ever, then i closed my eyes and it seemed like everyone was still there just that they were black and purple and when i closed my eyes it looked like everyones skeleton was coming out of their body so i just opened my eyes , and when i got home , i was staring at this painting i had and the paint was coming out like 3d and the it just started to drip again, and it morphed into a cow, but i( again) just went along with it. then i just went to sleep and woke up with huge pupils

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