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First Timer

I guess I decided to go with LEVEL 3 since I don't really know but maybe someone can e-mail me and tell me what LEVEL i was on.

I guess I decided to go with LEVEL 3 since I don't really know but maybe someone can e-mail me and tell me what LEVEL i was on. anyway, I had gotten shrooms for the first time in my life. i've smoked weed before but i havent done shrooms and i was really looking forward to it. my brothers friend gave me an 1/8th and told me to eat the whole bag. it didnt look like alot but there were 2 whole mushrooms and 1 big cap, they smelled like chocolate coco beans and also tasted like chocolate coco beans (can anyone explain why that was?). they were pretty big mushrooms so at around 8:05pm i popped 1 cap and ate 1 whole mushroom. i was alittle confused on how much to eat so at around 8:15pm i ate the other whole mushroom. about 10-20 mins later i started to feel really good. sort of a marijuana buzz but not the same effect. i felt really happy and i just wanted to go out and do stuff. i was playing zelda64 when it started to hit me. it was about 8:30 or 8:40 when i started to see the first visuals. i had also taken 3,000 mg of vitamin C. the first visual i saw was my brothers CROW poster (you know that movie with branden lee) start to movie and form diffrent faces. it was a sketch of branden lee and his hair kept moving and turning it to diffrent things. it was fun to watch for awhile but then i got bored and walked down the stairs. i opened the door to my basement and the lights were on. i looked at the floor at the bottom of the basement stairs and my carpet started to swirl in all diffrent directions. it looked like there was abuncha smoke on my carpet cause it kept swirling around and my stairway started to get really narrow and it arced sideways. after i had had enough of being inside i decided to go find some friends so i went out in my car and the trip seemed to almost fade away. i could only feel a good body buzz, so i went back home and thats when it really started to hit me. i went back into the my brothers room and watched him play zelda. i started to see patterns on the walls and everything started to move. slowly at first, then faster. the poster kept kinda buggin out at me. then my friend josh came over and we went inside his 78' chevy hippie van. it was rad. we drove around and houses started taking on weird shapes. one house turned bright orange another house had big bubbles going through it. i had also been smoking weed so that only added to the effect. at around 11:15pm is when me and josh parked about 5 houses away from my house and waited for another friend to drop off more shrooms. thats when i started trippin balls. i was looking at a house and it kept moving and had bubbles going through it. then when i looked at josh there were lines all over hime and he had bones all over him. like the bones from his body were on the outside of his skin, they were all faded. kinda like inside and outside of his body (very weird). then i looked down the street and it all got narrow and started arcing off to one side (also very odd). my over all trip lasted for about 4 hours.i loved it.


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