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First time: mom cought me.

Well i guess ill start out by saying this:my first experience with shrooms was a bad one cause i didn't research them well enough.

Well i guess ill start out by saying this:my first experience with shrooms was a bad one cause i didn't research them well enough. I relied on information that friends had given me. I really truly wish i had of seen this web site before hand. My mindset was that, hell; Ive smoked so much pot in one day i started hallucinating slightly, ill be fine. yeah, big mistake. after this experience i have not smoked pot once or drank any. OK, story time: my bosses younger brother (who shall be known only as jack from now on), told me one night at work that he had a reliable hook up for shrooms. I had wanted to try them about three years earlier, but my guy feel through and i never thought about it again. I told jack that i would think about it. three days later i called him and told him i wanted to get 2 grams of 3rd gen shrooms. He said that if i really wanted to have fun i should do 3. after a bit of reassurance on jacks part i bought three. i met up with him at the university athletic fields, telling my mom i was going over to my girlfriends house to watch a movie with her family. we took the shrooms in the parking lot of the fields and walked over to a health food store and got some OJ. on the way back to the fields, we were walking towards a tree to sit down and it hit me. I got a major head rush, like standing up after laying down too long, it was hard enough that i fell over.i stumbled the rest of the way to the tree and sat down. jack was laughing and asked me how much i had ate that day. when i told him i hadn't eaten anything since the night before, he got this look on his face that scared the living hell out of me. He told me that was a bad idea and asked me how stably mentally i was. by that point i was scared out of my mind. "what does he mean, am i gonna go crazy?""am i going to die?". after a while he calmed me down and we threw on some type o' negative and every thing was pretty chill. i was sitting their staring at the stars and the tree and just jamming out. the first half hour was a very good experience. the trees were moving with the music and it looked like there were little lizards in them. all was going well until my mom called and told me that i had to get home. i asked her if i could stay later and she said no. i was enjoin my trip so much that i really didn't care, i figured that i could just go home and sneak out and chill out on my roof. then i realized, i cant drive home, ill kill myself. so after a little while jack decided to drive me home in my car and that he would walk back to the fields. i live about 10 miles away from where we were. we got to the end of my street and i drove the last block home, which was really cool. things were flying by me and the radio sounded so cool. i walked in the front door and my mom caught me, took one look in my eyes and knew. she had done them as a kid and knew exactly what i was on. i felt so bad, Ive put my mom through so much and she doesn't need the hassle. i tried to pick up my kitten and hug her but she freaked out. she felt so sharp, like i was holding a knife in my hands. i could feel her anger radiating off of her. i went in my room and cried for what seemed like days. i hurt my mom, and my kitten doesn't love me anymore. at some point my kitten (Dahlia) walked in my room and started attacking my head. that was a strange feeling. i got so scared that she was trying to eat my brain or something that i hid in the corner from her. then i decided to turn on the TV to distract me. that scared the living hell out of me too. at this point i was so scared that i started praying to god to make it end. i wanted to kill myself just to make it end. then i got sick, i ran into the bathroom, past my mom who thought It was funny (she didn't know how bad a trip i was having), and blew chunks into the sink. after i cleaned off my face i took of my cloths and stood in front of the mirror just looking at myself. at this point i was so high that i didn't even know who i was, i didn't realize that the person in the mirror was me. i kept seeing these little pin wheel looking things in front of my eyes spinning around. i kept hearing this sound that i can only describe as a horrible electronic screeching sound, like some one was screaming. my mom later told me that she could hear me screaming in the bathroom. i was so hot that i filled up the bathtub with cold water and sat in it. at this point i had to pee really bad so i just went in the tub. i got out when i realized what i was sitting in and drained the tub. i found a little mirror that use for shaving and just kept staring in it. wondering who the person i was looking at was. was he happy, did he have friends, was he a religious man? when i realized who i was looking at i started crying because i didn't know who i was. No wonder i have so many problems, i don't even know who i am or what i stand for. i filled up the bath tub and tried to drown my self. when i realized what would happen if i did, what my mom would have to go through, i decided not to, and when i was sane again to fix my problems and decide who i really am. then a horrible thought hit me: what if I'm never sane again? how long have i been in here? a day? a week? a month? what if I'm not even in my bathroom anymore, what if I'm just hallucinate the whole thing, I'm really in a striate jacket in some padded room? i got out of the bathtub to find my cell phone and find out what time it was, when i got out i slipped and hit my head on the tub. i just lay ed there for about 30 min (what seemed like, i have no clue, my mom said i was in the bathroom for only two hours, it seemed like a year). i Finlay started coming down and put my clothes back on and went in my room. i called my girlfriend and she told me she would come over. i just lay ed on my bed and enjoyed the rest of my trip. the Small creases in the mattress were swirling around and forming faces of people i know, and used to know. when my girlfriend came over she claimed in my window, i looked in her eyes and they looked like they were on fire. then i passed out. i woke up about 15 hour later with a hell of a hangover and had to go to work feeling like shit. since then i have not smoked any pot, gotten completely shit faced, or even thought about doing so. my first experience scared me. now i think I'm ready to do it again, my mom is going out of town soon and me and an older friend of mine, who has done shrooms many a time, are going to go drop by the river. I'm hoping this experience will be a little more enjoyable. if you have any questions or comments hit me up at peanutanderson@gmail.com. i hope reading this will make you realize that this is not something you should fuck around with, it is a hard drug, and you NEED TO BE CAREFUL!

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