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First time...ahhhhhh

The first time I did shrooms was an amazing experience.

The first time I did shrooms was an amazing experience. It was a warm summer night in August and my friend brought down some of his "homemade" shrooms to try to the first time. He brought down enough for 3 of us, but only 2 of us ended up doing it. First we took the shrooms out and chopped them up and mixed them with orange juice and just drank it down as fast as we could. We didn't really know what to expect. The three of us went out to the beach (I live at the ocean) and just sat around smoking cigarettes and talking waiting for them to kick in. After about 30 minutes of nothing Dave had to head home so me and Phil walked back to my house to watch tv and wait for the experience to begin. We sat around watching tv and we started feeling it in our body, it's hard to describe how you feel....you just feel good all over. I then went outside to smoke a cigarette and as I was smoking I noticed trails from waving my cigarette around my face. Then I had the urge to just lay down in my yard and stare up into the starry night. Phil was freaking out looking at the woodgrain on the walls in my bathroom and ran out to get me to look at the walls. Looking at the walls was very interesting. We must have looked at the walls for at least 45 minutes. When you stare long enough you can see into the grain, you can see little dots scrambling in an organized way according to the grain of the wood. It takes a 3 dimensional look and then I looked at the floor. The tile floor had these laser beams shooting between the grout in a rainbow of colors. At this point everything looked like it was alive and breathing. We then spent several hours looking at everything in the house with incredible interest. We tasted anything edible, you could almost disecect foods with your tastebuds and see how the food tasted (if that makes any sense, it did at the time). Then I closed my eyes and I saw a vast intricate array of shapes and colors flowing and pulsing in the darkness. I spent the rest of the night laying on the floor seeing everything I was at that moment and everything I didn't like about myself. It was a very introspective journey by the end and it really helped me sort out some of my feelings at the time. I suggest to anyone who hasn't done shrooms to at least try them once...you won't regret it.

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