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First time......last time?........hell no

Me and a few friend had been planing on triping from the moment we got to school(URI).

Me and a few friend had been planing on triping from the moment we got to school(URI). It seemed that we could get our hands on any drug except shrooms, everyone wwanted them. My friend was coming down for the weekend with some shrooms. He got into my room at 730 and we took them by 745. I have no idea how much he had or how much we each took(there were 6 of us). We divided them up untill we all agreed the piles were even. The pile i snagged had a little over three caps and about four and 1/2 stems. We heard that if u take them straight it fucks u up more(im not sure about that) so we ate them one little piece at a time. It tasted worse than i thought it would and it was about as easy to chew up as a hand full of cardboard. About 30 mins into it we all started giggling like crazy and felt a little differnt. We sat in our dorm room for about another 30mins. The room felt like an underground bomb shelter for some reason. We all felt pretty high at that point. My friend then rolled a blunt the size of a large cigar and we decided to venture down to the "wig wham". The wigwham is a place where people go to smoke. It is in the middle of the woods and is a formation made by trees. The trees are folded over and branches are thrown on top of the tree to form a "wigwham". Its really cool and there are chairs in it too. When we got down there my friends smoked the blunt but i didnt cuz i just wanted to experience the trip. This is when it really set in. I got lost on the way in the woods and somehow found my way to it. When i was sitting down someone had a blue cell phone light on and as it moved the light stayed where ever it passed. I kinda shook my head and straightened myself out for a bit. As i was sitting in the wigwham and my friends were smokin i saw so much shit. My friend was talking and his face stayed in the same posision no matter how much he talked or moved his head his face stayed in the same place. His face then started to appear everywhere and whenever i mentioned it they shut me down cuz they wer'nt having visuals. So these faces were everywhere and the main one where his head was started to melt. I also saw another one of my friens face toatally melted and laughing two feet away from his head. I was kinda freekin me out so i kept it to myslef. The coolest hting i saw came next. I was stareing at the ground and i saw a calidescope-like design with every color. When i looked up it appeared everywere and was almost like a hollagram. I then saw a bright neon purple shadow glowing on everything. At that point i wanted the visuals to go away cuz the high and way my mind was thinking was so cool and the visuals were distracting me. We left the woods and when i stepted out it felt like i was being born. I was now having trouble focusing but now that we were in the light not visually tripping anymore. We made it back to my room and i sat in the corner on my desk with my light on and i could have sat there forever. I just listen to all the conversations in the room and drank about a gallon of OJ. I was too weirded out by my computer do i didnt use it. Once i decided to use it i played two songs about 20 times each and the words and music made me think so deep. the songs were "Wooden Ships" by Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and "Let it Be" by the Beatles. I then had a feeling of euphoria come over me and was the happyest i had ever been for no reason. This lasted for about another hour. I then felt like shit but it was worth it. THe trip was over. The best time was when i did what i wanted to do, sit in my corner, it sounds weird but it was one of the best nights of my life.

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