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first time, thankfully good experience

it all started a month ago.

it all started a month ago. it was the last day of school and one of my tripping buddies, we'll call him bob, was in a final with me. we both finished early and chilled the rest of the final, pissing off our teacher on his last day before retirement. i was a little annoyed by him earlier in the week but that had cooled off the day before. after school my 2 tripping buds, bob and "sam", and i set a time and place to hang before we trip, a local carnival later that night. we all leave and go home.
soon after i get home "sam" messages me to see if i wanted to hang. i of course say sure and he's over at my house in 20 minutes. we chill for a while and go down to the woods where i usually smoke if i need privacy or if my parents are home. we're halfway down the trail and see people sitting at our benches. i stop my friend and say "shit, it's the preschool down the trail..." then i notice a lighter and dash towards the group of people. what do i find? some fellow pot smoking teenagers rippin a bong. we chill with them while i set up a salvia bowl for my friend and I. my friend was being a little closed minded and i forced him to smoke it (he was worried i'd make him pay me back but it was cool). he didn't feel shit and made fun of me for smokin salvia. well that made me a little more than a tad annoyed. we chilled a little more and then went to the carnival together.
at the carnival we were trying to devise a plan for shrooming. we originally thought that we could do it at my house in the AM but for some reason he didn't want to sleep over, but bob did. he was really adament about it so that made me a little more annoyed. he asked if i would do em at his house and sleep over, i reluctantly said yes because otherwise it would be rude. we hung out at the carnival for a few hours and smoked some pot. sam gave a joint to these girls we were friends with who were begging for it. one of the girls, we'll call her sarah, was taking pussy hits with her mouth, not her lungs, and we talked about how she was faking being high. bob started saying "yeah at least your not like that anymore jack!"(jack being me). he was laughing and making fun of the fact that i would see bobble heads the first few times i got high. this made me more pissed than anything. i told them BOTH to stfu and that i wouldnt shroom with them if they were gonna act like this. (i realize now it's only bob who says shit about me.) we chilled though and all decide to shroom that night at sam's house.
we all cruise home in sam's dad's convertible with the top down listening to classic rock; it was such a trippy experience in-it-of-itself. we get to sam's house and chill in his basement while we wait for his parents to go to bed and for me and bob to take craps.i get back from crapping and sort all the shrooms into equal bunches of 1.2 grams (eyeballed), and we get some orange juice and diet soda. as soon as the parents are asleep and we shroom up, we chug the juice and eat the shrooms. i chewed on them with a mouthful of orange juiice, couldnt taste the shrooms at all. we turn on the blacklight and sit back watching aquateen waiting for the shrooms to kick in.
the very first thing i noticed were the dots on meatwad. i had never noticed them before and seemed so out of place and weird. the next thing that happened was bob started to freakout. he was so obviously faking, i could see him smile he he covered his eyes. then sam started to get into his own world. he was just going "oh my god". a little over the top i felt and still feel. at one point he started cry. even now neither me or bob and really started tripping. then sam closed the top of the laptop he had out so it was nothing but blacklight. it was scary as fuck. he was wearing glowing camo pants, black shirt, and had bright green teeth; his eyes were barely visible but very noticeable. i was like "dude stop stop open the screen up!" i now can relate this sort of precaution to other things in my life and it's helped me be more trusting and smart about seemingly "scary" occurances.
right now it's about t+1:00. im starting to really feel the effects of the shrooms. bob was being freaky and said we should hold hands to keep things chill. well he chilled out after that. and we are listening to music, the 3 of us on the couch, and watching itunes visualizations. every different pattern and color made me feel a different way, i was having a ball. we all just sat there talking about colors and crap when bob points out that the cieling is made of ants. holy shit. i look up and stare at the dotted cieling for a second and BOOM! there were thousands of ants crawling around in circles and patterns and they seemed so real. this was great. i was loving this. most of the time was spent watching the visualizations and feeling the colors. sam says hes tripping pretty bad, bob is ACTING like hes tripping bad.
at about t+1:30 we're all laughing and having a good time and i realize.... i have to piss really badly. but right at this time i feel too connected to the group and the couch to just get up. i ended up pissing myself a little and i came rushing back to reality. i said in my mind "fuck this, nothing matters but me going to the bathroom right now" and i rushed across the basement. i get in the bathroom to much in real life to worry about mirrors or anything. i start pissing and remember the descriptions about halucinations on this sight, i look at the wood-wallpaper in the bathroom and it was flowin baby! i was extatic. then i remember about mirrors and think, "didnt i just look in a miror? oh well lets go full on" and stare into my eyes in the miror. it was cool. i could see myself from other people's POV and i was okay with myself. i usually think of myself as, you know, "whatever, nothing special but nothing bad" but right now i was cool. i was happy and content with myself. i left the bathroom and rejoined my friends on the couch. for the rest of the tripping experience i had that tie to reality about "do i smell like piss?" in my mind so i couldnt trip balls like sam or bob was. ah but it was cool.
i pointed out that it was getting light outside so we all retreated to our seperate sleeping places. i wasnt tired at all so i was sitting half-upside down on a different couch watching tv. bob went to sleep real quick and me and sam talked for a little while. we both said that bob acted pretty gay, literally like a homosexual. we laughed a little and sam went to sleep. i just sat there for 2 hours watching tv and chilling in a buzz of psychadelicism.

so a few notes about my experiences: "tripping" felt like i was in reality untill the psychadelic took over and i fell into a trance of pseudo reality. here are a few of these "pseudo realities":
1) the television was reality, the computer and visualization was my artisitc and creative source, the couch and friends were my rock to life, everything else was just background. it felt like i was in my own mind.
2) i stood up, turned on the lights in the basement and EVERYTHING was brown. brown felt so homely. i felt so great and loved.
3) we were in our own world. nothing existed but this section of the basement. we kept the lights on in the back to see if sam's parents were comming. ever time i looked back it felt like "fuck reality sucks. i hate reality. this right now, this simple cingularity is all that should matter"
4) "sam's head feels really good" i was rubbing my head on sam's head as he was talking to bob.
5) i would go into trances of closing my eyes and just rubbing my head in circular motions as if i was a dog being scratched in the right place.

there were many many more but they were so simple and i didnt remeber any of them. most were relative to the visualization and what was on the screen.

this experience helped me realize that i'm pretty much cool with everyone unless i feel blatantly "uncomforatable" where i cant be myself. even if i'm angry, im comfortable and can be myself. shrooming was basically me being myself in the purest form.

if your still reading this, im sorry it's so long, but thanks so much for reading it anyways!

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