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First Time, Melting Worlds

It was my first time, and I had some shroom tea prepared by someone else.

It was my first time, and I had some shroom tea prepared by someone else. I had started off watching The Fifth Element, mainly because I thought it might provide some interesting visuals once I started tripping.
I started off noticing that things were beginning to shimmer and colors were beginning to shift on everything. I really noticed that I was tripping when I thought my DVD was melting in the player because I was starting to hear distorted sudio and everything was like I was looking through a kaliedescope. Closing my eyes made me a little dizzy, but I did see beautiful prisims of light that shifted from yellow to blue to red and then all round again.
I have a christmas tree in my room with white lights all over it, watching the light reflect off the colored ortements and then become prismatic was almost spiritual.
Having to go downstairs to use the restroom was an incredibly difficult task, as I kept losing my perception of space, I would think something was close to me, and then it would zoom out away from me, I'm lucky I didn't piss all over the seat. I couldn't stare at my own relection though, my face kept distorting and I could not believe that it was me in the mirror.
After about 20 minutes I finally made it back upstairs where the person I was with had just begun tripping, so they were still coherant enough to realize that I had been gone for an inordinately long amount of time.
I then began an incredibly complex internal monolouge about why everyone did what they did, and I boiled everything down to want, and people do what they do so they can have what they want, and really we all should just do what we want. This lasted for a good hour or so, and then I stopped having visual hallucinations, I still couldn't think straight for the next two hours, but it was still very enjoyable. My stomach was a little upset after I was finished, so I decided that was a good time to just fall asleep.

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