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First Time, Disappointing but Intense

Well, this was my first time.

Well, this was my first time. I've always wanted to try them but the opportunity finally came up ... and well I jumped on it. I'm not sure what level this was.. so i just put it here. sounds about right. anyways.

2:30 pm
Friend of mine told me he had some shrooms. He said he took some and was trippin balls. Sell me some I told him, and he did. it was a nice size cap, and a sh!t load of stems. I was extremely skepctic, but i figure what the hell.

4:00 - 7:45 pm
That same friend starting rolling up a joint of some fine mary jane. and i tell you this was grade A love. but then he put some stems and bits and pieces of a cap. he said it'll be cool. so we smoked for a while, and smoking the shrooms.. it wasnt intense or anything. nothing big. i can hear just fine, and talk, but when i walked it felt like i was underwater. well.. eventually i ended up going home.. fried as hell.

8:30 - 9:45 pm
a friend of mine said to make tea out of shrooms then eat the shroom, its mroe potent. so I started to make tea, and well ate them. a poped lord of the rings in but eventually moved to my computer. I started playing diablo 2 until it hit me.. but then everything starting to look bluring so i left the computer and sat on the couch. (i have a big room, couch and all)

10:00 - 11:00 pm
this is when it hit me. slow at first then it got much more. at first it was like a stoned feeling. like i just smoked a lot of weed. then the wall started to expand and such. i have posters back to back that cover the wall interely, and when the wall expanded i can see the wall inbetween the posters. my mudvayne poster the guy... were winking at me and my korn poster started waving at me. the walls seem to breath. then i started to look at the movie. it looked like a play. you know, painted back ground. trees, rocks, houses are made out of cardboard. well thats how it looked. it was a trip. then the faces started to morph, like pulsate. hard to explain. it was like uhh say frodo, his face, his cheecks will expand like he was fat, then go back together and look normal, then it looked like he was underwater, then normal, and stuff like that. eventually everything looked like watercolours. like if someone was painting them. it was tripping.

i decided to go outside. everyone is always talking about how cool it is. well fine. except it was kind of cold. being october and such. as i was walking outside, everything looked like the set of a tim burton film. you know how nightmare before christmass look.. yeah like that. well outside i lit up, smoking a cig. and the sky, man, it looked fake. like if it was painted. my back yard is small as hell, mostly covered in cement with a few patches here and there of dirt for plants. it looked like a stage. theres a fence, tall one that seperates my neighbor and us. well, i got right to it, leaning on it. and i look to the side and see the roses, the vines really, grabing the fence and going up. (im not trippin here thats how they are), then i leftid my hands up an grabed the fence. and stared ahead at a tree. i dont know what happened. after that. bits an pieces, i walked in a cirle around my yard, i went back to the fence and looked at the tree, and i would walk around the plants feeling them. touching their leaves. somehow i understood the meaning of life. i understood that the path i'm taking, although full with some obsticles, is rightious and fine. and i looked back at the tree... and well,, i wanted to be a tree. i wanted to stand still for years, observing, knowing all, yet nothing at the same time. i headed back to the door to go inside, but something kept me outside. finally untill about a few minutes later (which felt like hours later) i went inside. My God. the colours. i wasnt tripping. nothing was morphing nothing ws breathing. but i could finally see every single detail in stuff.. and i mean EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Holy shit. the colours... i wanted to see it all. i moved from one wall to the next, the doors, the jackets on the hooks. the sofa, my sisters face. my god. it was intense. the colours were so fucken vivid. i cant get over it. i mean.. WOW.

close to 12:00 am
i finally managed to go to my room. i didnt feel the same any more.. things didnt look as vivid. i was geeting extrememly disappointed. i didnt want this to end. i was almost crying. i think i was still a lil trippin. well... a little pass twelve, i didnt feel nothing except tired. i was mad, the trip only lasted about two hours. but they were the best two hours i had.

i guess people are right. once you take them, you kind of look at life a little different. like its something you really should appreciate. that or its just me. but i really do apperciate all the good things i have with me. I will serisouly consider doing this again. perhaps tonight. or something. its an experience you Have to try at least once in your life.

sorry it was lengthy, but thanks for readding.

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