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Alone again.

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Well i usually don't report here because most of the reports are like: Owh way cool man, tripping show with my bong kind of thing.

I'm not like that, i trip because it gives me a clear view on life. It makes it possible for me to view the world in a less society based kind of way. (I hope you all understand what i'm trying to say.

Before me first trip my mind was closed. This meaning it openend my eyes and showed me the world as it is in its pure form.

Well, 13-03-02 i ate the rest of a mushroom chocolate bar i had laying in the fridge. (I'm a dutch gay by the way so my report might not by perfect english :-) My girlfriend and son were both home so i withdrew myself into the computer room. I wasn't feeling like i really wanted to trip because the last time i did it, i fell asleep on the couch after an hour.

Sitting behind my pc listening to the Orb and boards of canada i downloaded for the trip. Awaiting the visuals...
I took a lot of time, i though nothing was going to happen because an hour had passed and nothing was happening. So i started talking to a friend of mine trough MSN messenger. Just as i told him nothing was happening, i got the feeling of the inner itch (I describe it like this because my english vocabulairy doesn't reach the word that i would give it in dutch.) It made me happy again, so i said goodbye to my msn buddy and concentrated on the start of the trip. I grabbed my psychedelic triptoy (a lobster with black on its belly and trippie colors on top.) and started feeling it. It felt hard, my left hand touched my right and it felt great so i started rubbing my arms together enjoying the sensation of my body sences. I put my hands on my face, and started making molding motions with the skin of my face.

I knew:

- All we are is skin, blood and bones.
- You are what is not seen.
- Your innerself is most important.

I was inside looking out of the body i knew was mine. Switching back and forth into and out of "real" and trip world. Feeling my body gave me great pleasure, knowing i was feeling my body gave me even greater pleasure. Tripping is pleasure, all the body sences are stronger.

I was hoping for some visuals but i got none.

I suddenly had to go to the bathroom realy badly. So i rushed into the bathroom. It was silent, since it was already 3 a clock at night. It felt like my space was next to me (in the computerroom) and i just entered another domain. A domain of silence, i interrupted with my noise. Flushing the toilet felt like dropping a bomb in church.

I looked in the mirror, and saw Me, the body. It was a bit scary, i knew it was my body and that was the only way i could see it. I started making funny and scary faces. The last kind sometimes freaked me out a bit. So i left the bathroom.

Back in the pc room i started a rather slow number of The Orb and looked at the screensaver i was realy tripping fast. So i can't describe anything i saw or was thinking about at that time. But after it ended i turned off all the music and put on a movie on my pc. (A.I. i believe from Stephen King.) It was hard to concentrate in the beginning, but i could after awhile. It showed me how people never think things over before they judge. Not everything is as everybody says. Goverments cloud peoples mind to make money and controle them. If you live in sociaty you are not free, you are controled and maintained by things they say are so.

We are not supposed to be living our lifes like this.

If you believe this is all bullshit, then i hope someday you will see what i mean. Because only then you will experience what it means to be free.

If you believe this is the truth, come and see me and my good friend on http://www.truth.tk



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