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First Time, and I Loved It!

Name: B.

Name: B.
Weight: about 170lbs
Height: about 5' 11"
Age: 18

Last night was my first trip and it was the most intense and amazing experience of my life. Before shrooms, the only drugs I had done were pot, alcohol and cigarettes. The evening started when I got the shrooms I had asked a friend (and experienced shroomer) of mine to get ahold of a few weeks prior and decided to watch some fireworks that were going on by my house while tripping. I had eaten dinner with my family not too long before, but I figured it wouldn't make that much of a difference. Unfortunately, I believe that is what delayed the trip's start until after the fireworks were over.

I went to the fireworks alone at about 9:00pm because I couldn't get ahold of anyone else who was free that night, and while looking for a place to sit down, I ran into a friend of mine by the name of K. and his wife, N. who invited me back to their place to watch the fireworks. Timing did not work out well since the fireworks ended up starting as we were headed back to their place on foot (seeing as my house, the park the fireworks were at and their place were all within about 5 blocks of eachother) and on the way there I had mentioned to K. that I ate some shrooms about half and hour ago and were still waiting for them to kick-in. He said that he was interested since he had never tried them before, so I gave him the other half of the bag that I got (it was either 1/8 or 1/16 of an oz. I don't remember off the top of my head and can't estimate since I'm new to this) he ate it, N. didn't want any and had done shrooms before so she decided it would be best for her to keep an eye on us. Then we were all sitting in the apartment waiting for the shrooms to hit.

I made sure not to have any alcohol for something to do while waiting since I have heard mixed reviews on how it affects the experience and I wanted it to be pure. By this point, I was coming up pretty quick since it was almost an hour after I had eaten the little buggers; K. and N. were having a lot of fun fucking with me because I was very easily frightened at this point, but it didn't really bother me since I knew it was all in good fun. To illustrate the situation, I will use K.'s words of "Why is it that whenever I look at you, you cower like a terrified three-year-old?"

Shortly after this, their roommate, S., got home early and noticed myself and K. sitting on the couch, giggling uncontrollably at nothing and knew something was up. He generally does not approve of drugs of any sort, but figured this was an acceptable situation because shrooms have the potential to be insightful and it was a Friday night with nothing to do aside from get drunk. It was right around then that K. and I started noticing patterns on the walls and were also feeling very weak.

The patterns appearing on the white walls and ceiling were made clearer by the glare of a lamp in the corner. Several times throughout the night one of the most distinct patterns I noticed was a face that bore a striking resemblance to how Jesus is typically portrayed. I was rather perplexed by this since I gave up Christianity around age 8 and have been agnostic ever since (at one point during the night, I was contemplating with much uncertainty if I would take up Christianity again). There were also patterns that I do not even know how to describe, but they were almost fish-shaped or resembled the arches in a Gothic cathedral. They were made out of a series of raised dots the same colour of the walls/ceiling and had a similar pattern to Damascus steel. They were continually shifting and flowing like water or the carpet in the hotel in the movie-version of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" right after Hunter Thompson arrives in Vegas.

Now while K. and I were throughly tripping balls, we had another visitor pop-in. A nice, level-headed neighbor of theirs who comes over to hang-out and have a beer from time to time. This man, after learning that K. and I were tripping, decided to play a practical joke on me that was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. While I was busy looking at the walls, N. told me to look behind me (since their neighbor was standing behind the couch) and I could have sworn my heart skipped a beat when I looked. Their neighbor was standing there with hat, sash and badge that looked very official. And as everyone else cracks up while I'm frozen in shock, they say "Don't worry about it, he's cool."

After the joke, their neighbor left and I went back to looking at the walls. I noticed a tension in my jaws and N. seemed to get freaked out thinking that I was getting lockjaw, but I could still move my mouth freely and decided to play it safe and just left my jaw open the whole night. S. was playing Devil May Cry in the background and both K. and I agreed that the walls were more interesting, to his dismay. The other interesting set of patterns besides the fish and faces on the ceiling were on the wall directly in front of me, they closely resembled the style of animation used for the television show Rokko's Modern Life, back when that was still on the air.

I didn't really experience any closed-eyed visuals, but another interesting phenomena I saw was when K. got-up off the couch and was walking around, he seemed to be constantly vibrating. This was when I noticed the walls breathing and I was most pleased to finally be able to experience that, seeing as the descriptions never do it justice. By this point I was also feeling like I needed to smoke a cigarette about once every 30 seconds. While reaching for one, I noticed the text on the logo change into shapes. For one instant it was a Marlboro, then suddenly it was an American Spirit, then it changed into a logo that I had never seen before, then it was Marlböro. It was also around this time that I seemed to hear my friends occasionally speak in different languages. Being that I have briefly studied French, Latin, German, Japanese and a little Norwegian in addition to somewhat mastering my native American English, I had a pretty good ability to peg what language they were speaking, though I didn't know enough vocabulary to tell what they were saying. At one point I heard just French and after that, a jumbled mix of German, Russian and Japanese in no particular order. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was very interesting.

After this was the most interesting part of the experience. The lights were off, I was wide awake but I closed my eyes anyway. I felt a complete disconnection from reality, I did not know who I was and did not need to know, because I felt that I had in fact, merged into some other level of reality. I no longer had a sense of individuality in this state, but it could almost be described as meshing myself into the rest of the universe, even though that makes no sense to someone who has not experienced the sensation. I snapped out of it after a few minutes and the rest of the night was a gradual comedown and more of the same stuff; mostly looking at the ceiling since that was bloody fascinating.

After the fourth hour or so, K. and I had pretty much finished the trip and were coming down. We both agreed that it was the most amazing experience of our lives. However, there was one thing that neither of us could explain. K. is red/green colour blind and apparently his ability to see red and green properly was restored during the trip and during the comedown. I haven't talked to him today to see if this is a permanent thing, but it would be wonderful if it is. K., S., and I continued to stay-up and chat about all the unexplainable stuff in our lives that we could relate to this and one thing that we agreed on is that shrooms helped to bypass the filters that prevent us from letting stress go and also can help to unlock repressed memories and help us deal with them. To quote myself, "Your mind is like an armoured house with bullet-proof windows that are bared, armed guards and a 3-inch-thick steel door. Now imagine that the guards went out for a smoke and left the doors unlocked."

After all that, I left for home at 4:30am and went to sleep when I got back. There is no way that I can adequately explain the entire night, but this scratches the surface. It was an experience that I will never forget and hope to do again at some point.

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