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First Time with Shrooms was a blast

Last night I had my first experience with the mushroom.

Last night I had my first experience with the mushroom. Me and my two other friends had been trying to get ahold of some for months, and finally the oppurtunity came about so, we bought three 1/8ths of it. It was about 11 when we took them, and eighth each. At about 11 30 or so, I started to feel a little bit stoned, and very very giggly. My friends also were starting to feel them, so we decided to go for a walk outside.
We walk about 2 blocks away, which took probly over an hour because of course we had to stop at look at everything and stare at it for about 5 minutes. The sky was way brighter than it should have been, and it was cool because you could see the clouds. We layed down in a little grassy area and just stared up for what seemed like forever. I remember seeing a skeleton and his wife( no idea what she was) beckoning me. My two other friends were obsessed with how their cigarettes looked and werent really feeling the whole cloud thing, so we decide to go back to the house.
On the way back, one of my friends stops in the ditch and sits down and stares at a rock for a long time, talking to it and understanding it. I was on the other side of the road, and there I found a large group of creatures who were chained together and sad at this. This also made me sad, and I told them I was sorry that I couldn't help them. They understood and I apologized again, and we went inside.
When we got inside, we all stared at this really cool wallpaper for a long time, watching it breathe and move about. We were all laughing pretty hard about everything, and not making a whole lot of sense, which was cool, everyone was happy and having a good time. I remember when I closed my eyes, there was a world of colors and shapes, and they would spin and rotate and move closer and further away. After I opened my eyes, they did not leave, but rather changed into balloons and blimps and flew around the room. This really amazed me, I was opening and closing my eyes for a really long time. After that we talked about random weird shit and laughed until we cried. Then my friends for some reason wanted to sleep, so I just chilled and watched things happen with my eyes closed. I have yet to fall asleep and the whole experience was very very fun. I was skeptical about doing it, but now I am so glad that I did. My mind is very clear and everything seems to make sense now. Shrooms was definitely one of the smartest things Ive ever done.

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