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First Time Tripping. AWESOME.

My first time is a time I shall never forget.

My first time is a time I shall never forget. My friend and I had bought a quarter of some decent quality shrooms around 5o'clock, and said that we would do them later that night. Lets just say that anticipation from then till then built up so much that I could hardly control myself. Finally, we went back to my friends house around 11:30pm and I weighed out two fat 8th's. We munched on those and sucked on the caps for about 5 minutes and chased them down with orange juice. About 5 minutes after all that his mom came up stairs pounding on the door, I got nervous because I didn't want to start tripping with her in the room. We let her in and she sat on the bed for a few minutes staring at me. I think she knew what was going on because she use to do lots of mescaline. Anyways about 5 minutes later she left and I was like, "wow that shit can't be happening." I asked my friend how we felt and we both agreed that we could start feeling the poison corse through out our bodies. I sat on the bed he was sitting on and watched tv for about 10 minutes. We started to have a case of the giggles as we watched MTV. We glared at this Steve Yzermen poster on his wall and it started to wiggle but still then I wasn't sure if we were actually "tripping" yet. I started to feel really uncomfertable and saying in my head "what the hell did I just do." Steve (the friend i was tripping with) starting so say he could feel it really good, as could I. I started to accept the fact and looked at the ceiling. It looked like it was a puzzle disorganizing itself and putting it back together. The room also felt as if it grew 3 times the size and I just started to laugh my ass off. Steve and I just started to talk for hours about how cool it was that we have been best friends for 10years and that we wouldn't want to trip with anyone else ever. We were with 2 people who were watching us and they did one hell of a good job. They took highlighters and drew trippy ass shit all over the walls, and turned off the light and turned on the black light. It was beautiful.. So many colorful lines wiggling about and wiggling to the music. I wanted to draw really bad so my friend Josh hooked it up with a pencil and paper. That didn't satisfy me as I started to cry because I was so incredibly happy. The body buzz was undescribable. Nothing could of went wrong in the world it felt like. About a hour in the trip was my favorite seeing how thats when we were peaking, I looked out the window and stared at the street light it looked like it was reflecting off water. More and more everything, colors, visuals etc. Although I only seen one thing. It was a weed, growing straight out of the carpet of room in front my eyes and I thought it was actaully there. Well All in all it was the best time I have ever had. The whole trip lasted about 4hours or so until we came down.. I suggest to everyone, do shrooms with a very very close friend and you'll love them.

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