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First time trippin

To begin, my friend recently bought a 1/2 ounce of shrooms from a friend of his.

To begin, my friend recently bought a 1/2 ounce of shrooms from a friend of his. He has used shrooms more than a dozen times and knew who to get them from and was familiar with their potency. I was going to trip with him for my first time but he wasnt allowed to have more than 3 people over so i was left to trip with another friend who was sober.

i biked over to the friends house and picked up an 1/8 of the shrooms he had. We went back to my sober friends house and at 8:00 i opened the baggie w/ the shrooms and took about 2/3 of the 8th. It didnt taste too bad but i downed it with some margarita mix my friend had which made it 100 times better. I put on my headphones and listened to a little ambience because i heard its really good when you're tripping. I closed my eyes and when i opened them everything was tinted green! this effect lasted for a few minutes and then my vision returned to normal. I knew they were setting in. We then went into my friends room and watched some tv until 9:00. I sensed some colors being a lot brighter and the white lights on the tv engulfed some of the characters and made them look kinda funny.

After this I knew my trip was starting so me and my friend decided to go to a local video store and pick up a movie. Once we started walking i began to see little circles when i closed my eyes that formed into snakelike strings that moved and twisted. As we were walking i noticed that all the lights looked REALLY cool. i was amazed.

We arrived at the video store and it was really quiet. i had this incredible feeling and i started laughing really loud and i couldnt stop. we went to the counter and i had to sign my name to buy the movie but it was all squiggly and i started laughing again and couldnt stop til i left. i think the person that worked their was scared of me after that.

On the way back we stopped in this feild with this really cool bumpy grass thats super fun to lay on and looked at the sky. It was really cloudy and the clouds started making faces and swirling around. i looked at the trees above me and they started to breath and move closer. Their branches were reaching out and moved into the sky, blending in with the clouds and making really cool swirl patterns. We stayed on that hill for what felt like 2 hours but turned out to be only 20 minutes.

When we were leaving the bumbs on the grass took shape and started looking like an ocean and moving up and down. I told my friend i wanted to roll down the hill and he quickly stopped me. Hehe, apparently there were sharp rocks at the bottom (thank god for my friend, id probably have broken a bone or 2).

We headed back and had to climb over this rock wall behind someones house and i had to step on their air conditioner to do it and this extremely loud alarm went off(or so i thought) and i ran for my life. My friend caught up to me and asked me what was wrong and i told him and then he laughed at me and said it was just his cell phone beeping cuz he got a text message. wow, i started laughing again and didnt stop til we got close to his house.

We entered trough the back door and walked straight by his dad. As i walked i took like a picture of him with my mind and held the frame in front of my eyes for a few seconds. It felt like I was in control of time and it made me feel really cool. We went up to his room and i layed down on his matress and stared at the wall. I felt myself begin to peak as the wall breathed in and out and then shapes and kalidascope patterns began to show themselves on the wall. I became amazed by this light of his that began to glow purple even though it was a normal light. I looked away and the little dot that you see after looking at a light appeared on the wall. It grew little legs and turned into a glowing purple lady bug. It was really cool but it quickly went away. I stared at the wall some more and then my friend came back and popped in the movie.

We watched "Grind". It wasnt the greatest trip movie but it was something to watch when i wasnt looking at the wall or my hands which didnt appear to be a part of my body at all. I began to also feel like none of myself belonged to my body and i had the feeling of extreme peace and felt extremely mellow and removed. I began to see the harmony in the universe and relationships. It was really enlightening.

After the movie i felt like i was coming down and i had a really deep conversation with my friend about almost everything we could think of. Finally, after talking long into the night, we decided to go to sleep. I couldn't do it though. My mind was so awake and I felt like i had so much to think about and this kept me up for 2 hours more until i finally fell asleep at 4:00. This was the perfect trip and was exactly what i wanted for my first time. I can't wait to trip again. HAPPY TRIPPING

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