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First Time Tripper

Shrooms are really hard to get where I'm from.

Shrooms are really hard to get where I'm from. My roomate's friend was trying to get some for us for about a week. Finally, after looking forward to it so much, I just gave up and thought it just wasn't going to happen. Suddenly though, at the last minute things pulled thourgh. We split a fourth three ways. We were so excited, but decided to wait a few hours before we began eating the shrooms, since we just had dinner. (we didn't want to throw up or anything). I read somewhere that vitamin C helps your visuals be more colorful, so I cut up the shrooms and swallowed them whole with OJ. Then we just put on some Beatles, Orb, Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. At first I didn't think I was feeling anything. I just felt really, really stoned and relaxed. It seemed like we were waiting forever for the colors to kick in. All of a sudden, some of my suitemates started knocking on our bedroom door and it started to freak me out. She said that an old friend of ours was here to visit, and he came in and freaked me out even more. I realized that I must have been feeling the effects already because I was getting really anxious and freaked being around so many non-shroomers. We went outside for a cigarette, and fresh air, and started walking around trying to figure out what was going on, and why I was feeling so nervous.Once I calmed down a little more I decided to go back to my room, or what I had already labeled my "comfort zone". But everything had just happened so fast that I felt sort of overwhelmed and I felt anxious to get back to the relaxed state I was in before. I had a bottle of rum around so I took like three shots and chased them with some OJ, so I could relax. The alcohol wasn't sitting well with my stomach so I focused my attention on smoking another cigarette. But this time I was begining to feel strange and happy.The room was dark and there was a black light on. We were all staring at this trippy looking image on my computer. It began moving around and getting all warped and 3D like. Then I lighted a cigarette and started to see trails of light. When I looked up at the white ceiling I could see little bursts or colors everywhere, and then everything sort of had a purplish tint to it. At that point I realized I was really tripping. My roomate was too and we went outside to smoke some weed. We live in a real wooded area, and the trees just looked so 3D and beautiful. It was so still and serene and like it started making me feel really comfortable and happy, and then my roomate and I startted to talk about how great our childhood was and how great children are 'cause they are so innocent. We felt like kids looking at things for the first time and our eyes were so dialated.Everything looked happy, and I could see rainbow colors everywhere and they were just so pretty. We giggled and laughed for the longest time looking at all the colors and talking about how great life is, and how negative people's vibes don't matter, and we felt completely at peace. The colors and the giggling and the morphing shapes lasted quite a while. I looked at the wooden furniture in the room and the grain on the wood seemed like a river of rainbow colors. My roomate had these tropical pants with ocean waves and they looked like they were moving. It felt like I was seeing happiness everywhere. I opened my big window and just stared at the trees and it was like nothing I would have ever imagined. Everyone I know says look at the trees and I never understood why until last night! No matter what people told me about it nothing could ever put into words the things I saw or felt. I felt happy and purple and comfortable, and I realized that I was really happy and comfortable with myself and other people.When it began to wear off, we started to get sleepy but we couldn't sleep because we just had so many thoughts going on in our heads. eventually we went to bed but when I got up I felt like a whole new person. I felt really enlightned. All of this just happened last night. SO now I'm feeling like I really need to think abou things for a while because there were just so many thoughts and I need to sort them out. Like, I feel so much more relaxed about everything and I think it was a great experience because It was like I just stepped back for a while and looked at what was going on, you know. I've done Ecstasy before and I thought nothing could compare to the happiness that I felt then, but that was just a false chemical happiness. What I felt on shrooms was real happiness. It was like I sorted out all my negatives thoughts and realized what really mattered and what didn't. On E, the next day you wake up with like a depressed hangover, but this was just way different. I still woke up happy, and I remembered everything that happened last night, and I think about it, and I really don't feel the need to do E ever again. This was just so much better.

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