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First time trip, interesting experience

Note - this happened in a couple months ago, in September.

Note - this happened in a couple months ago, in September. I wrote this for my online journal, but for some reason, I didn't post it here. Here it is for your reading pleasure.

I took the drugs at about 1pm. I put approxamately 1/16 in the blender with some orange juice. I downed all the juice as fast as I good (it tasted fairly odd, but I chased it with some plain juice and all was fine). Then I took 2 hits of pot (which isn't as little as you'd think, since 4 hits can send me into a different fuckin' universe), and I put on some music and laid down on the bed in the computer/guest room.

At first, I didn't think it was really doing anything. It felt like I was feeling the pot more than anything else. However, within about 20 minutes, it started hitting me HARD. The walls were melting. My body felt at first like it was raising into the ceiling, and then I felt like my whole body had fallen asleep and the blood was coming back. I started feeling very disoriented, so my girlfriend D decided to move me into the living room.

Some of the walls in the living room have a very weird, wicker-weave-looking pattern on them. When I looked at them, they looked like some kind of weird Aztec-type pattern. It was a good thing I noticed that when I did, because I was starting to feel very sick. However, even the distraction of the wall wasn't enough to keep me from puking - I ended up throwing up all over the bathroom. I felt bad for D, who cleaned it up (now THAT'S love.) But then I laid down on the bathroom floor and communed with the toilet... that calmed me down a lot.

D got me into her Itchy-and-Scratchy t-shirt and into our bed. That's when the very, very pleasant part of the trip started. I lost every concept of reality I've ever had. Time, self, law, money, normalcy... none of those held any meaning for me. The only thing I knew was that the world was beautiful, everything was as it should have been, and that I was in love with D. I wanted a pen and paper so I could write down what I was feeling, but the pen and paper were so beautiful that I couldn't write. I took some pictures. The song "Let Forever Be" was talking to me.

After that, I went and laid down on the couch in the living room some more. My friend L came over and acted like his silly, goofy self. At this point I was sure that I was three. I asked L if he believed in God. My stuffed dog, Fred, was dubbed "Heroin Doggy." He's a super hero, you know.

Then I went back to bed and laid there and listened to music for a while. Even though I'd puked up the contents of my tummy already, I still felt kinda queasy and didn't like to move very much. I guess I learned that if my body doesn't like something, it has NO qualms with getting it right the fuck out. Then my right-hand-gal K came over.That made me unexplainably happy, since we share a brain and all. We just lounged around and talked for a while. Then L went home.

Then I had to go to the bathroom. After I did my business, I decided I wanted to take a shower/bath. I turned on the shower, plugged up the drain, and sat in the spray. It was so wonderful and relaxing. Once the bath was full, I turned off the water and just laid there for... it must have been more than an hour. I was so content. The waves in the water looked like those crystal creatures that old ladies collect. One of the really interesting things about being in the bath was what it seemed to do for my body image... Usually, I don't really like the way I look. I feel like my boobs are too small, my hips are too bony, etc. However, as I sat in the bath, I felt like I was the most beautiful creature that I could be. The cool part is I still feel like that.

D came in a couple times and talked to me. She was getting bored of being in the house, so I eventually got out of the tub (it was like 8) and went to the mall with K and D. I thought I was mostly over the effects of the drug... heh, NO. When I got in the car and suddenly felt like I was in Grand Theft Auto, I knew THAT couldn't be true. We went to Hot Topic, but the music was bothering me, so I went and sat out in the main part of the mall. And, oddly enough, I ran into a girl who was in my English class spring quarter. She was a big freakin stoner. I wondered if she knew I was high, but this didn't really bother me, since I doubted she'd care.

K and I went to Victoria's Secret while D got some lemonade. Then we went to Target and K looked at bras. Next, we got some pretzel sticks from Auntie Anne's and went to Bed Bath and Beyond. There were lots of beds there, which I of course laid on because I was incredibly lazy. Then K found me one of those massaging chairs to sit on... which was freakin AWESOME. I never wanted to get up. Ever.

Then we went to W & M's house to visit their cat, Lou. In the process, we picked up W and went for a short drive. D was tired because she got no sleep the night before (she was nervous for me... that is ALSO love), so we went home, watched some Sex and the City, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning mostly over my sour stomach (it's still mad at me, though) and feeling rather enlightened. What a day.

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