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First time trip, Amazing, i found something for the rest of my life

It was late august United States Maryland Eastern Shore 7 miles out in the middle of no where next to a state forest.

It was late august United States Maryland Eastern Shore 7 miles out in the middle of no where next to a state forest.Me and my gf went to my friend zacks house out of boredom around 6 o clock on a warm summer afternoon, when someone called offering us shrooms in chocolate form. To that point i never even though of doing mushrooms so i said no thanks he said no thanks and later he hung up but something told me to just try it so we called him back and within an hour he was at the door. He told us to eat 2 each then 1 an hour later and we be feeling it. we ate 2 and after a hour really didnt feel much so we left the other ones we had hid and called him to bring more. Our plan was to eat the ones he would bring to us the second time and the ones we had so we could really feel it. We then ate those 2 and 30 minutes later i started noticing i felt alittle weird sorta like being stoned but more clear minded, we were watching a worse case senario tv show that i just seen for the first time and how stupid the show was sorta cracked me up. meanwhile my friend had his eyes shut head up toward the ceiling. Then further into conversation i started feeling really uneasy with my gf and the guy that brought the shroom not on them. Things became more vivid clear and everything sorta popped out at me. i held in laughter at stupid stuff i thought about and maintained my composure till the guy left. i then went out and smoked a bowl its been about 2 30 minutesthen i smoked another and anotherand my friend came out and started smoking to. THEN we ate the choclate we had stashed. His back yard has a brick walk way little plastic pond with fish all sorts of flowers around plants gardens in the middle of the woods. He also has all sort of weird animals running around weird bird peacock chicken looking things. I laughed my ass off at zack who was totally making a full of his self acting like i never seen him act picking his nose and laughing just stupid kindergarden stuff that really made me laugh. i laughed so much i had to go in where the lights were flashing i sat on the couch in the dark not knowing why i am there but i sat there for 5 minutes but it was probably only 30 seconds cause time just absolutely stopped i thought it was 2 or 3 in the morning and it 10 i looked into his moms stairwell to her room and it really creeped me out for some reason it looked kinda twisted so i walked back outside. My gf was sober and cracking up off of zack so when i walked back out to see him smoking a ciggertte acting like his mom and laughing constantly it just made me laugh even more at him so i did the same thing as last till finally i came back outside. Thats when out from no where everything became almost silent and i was caught into staring into the woods at the trees swaying and thought about the world and crap and had this real peaceful feeling come over me, and this really insane love for nature which i can only describe as feeling a part of it, it was then that zack was saying how hes friend that gave us the shroom said you can have bad trips on these and if we do call him and talking about how people flip out and stuff. I was unaware that mushrooms could cause this and immidiately it got me paranoid and feeling real sick scared PANICing real bad he kept saying its in my head and crap and i thought about it and after 2 minutes i realized yea it is and it calmed me down somewhat. it was about 2 am when i went home. which is 2 miles down the road. When i got to my house the glow stars on the ceiling and my black light poster with a evil mushroom really tripped me out bad i started walking around the house and couldnt stop and eventually made my way to the toilet vomitting the hardest i have in my life completly cleaning out my system. i had no idea that much shit could fit in my stomach BUT right after i felt ALOT better and was good enough to go to sleep but by then the sun came up and an hour had passed 30 minutes puking 30 minutes recovery. IT WAS DEFINATELY WORTH IT since then its all i think about every day i know everything there is to know about growing them ive read hundreds of hours of stuff on how to grow them forums etc maybe a thousand by now, im made lots of attempts of growing but failing but i have pins now and im ready to start a new trip in a week. seeya

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