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almost died laughing

I have only done shrooms once and this is how it went.

I have only done shrooms once and this is how it went.
Me and two roommates had been trying to get a hold of some shrooms for at least two weeks and we finally found some. We ate the shrooms in sandwiches because as you might guess they taste terrible. We all took a little more than 1/2 eighths, which is a mistake if you are expecting to see trippy stuff. We all felt sick to our stomachs but that went away and came back on and off for the first hour or two.

We went to this place in San Diego called Balboa Park which has museums and this cool cool trail that has lots of trees and other cool nature stuff, but it is still in the city which was bothersome, i would reccommend find the most natural place you can if possible. We were there for about 4 hours give or take. To me everything seemed to give me some kind of feeling, i hated the shade and hallways but loved being in the sun, i loved looking at plants and hated to see trash around them so i went on a little spree of picking up cups and big stuff people left. It is also true that you feel really close to the people you are shrooming with, you expect them to have all the same experiences, but really they aren't.

I didn't totally trip out like i wanted or expected, but i was never happier and have never laughed as hard as i did at some of the things my friends were doing. Like when my friend tried to feed a squirrel a shroom stem and my other friend told him it was like trying to feed it a stick, i thought it was hilarious and laughed my ass off for a long time. there was a lot of stuff like that throughout the day.

I did have some hallucinations, but they were mild and easy to deal with, stuff like the walls of the museum and a rock on the ground and a car in front of me all seemed to be either breathing or pulsating like a heart beat, also it feels really cool when you are in a ball or some position where you can't see anything, i felt like my body was waving like a sail. Also another thing i saw was the lines marking parking spots came off the ground and appeared to be floating in the breeze.

I would reccommend shrooms to anyone curious enough to try them, don't be around people you don't know though, and take a full eighth if you want to have a lot of hallucinations. I was incredibly happy that day and even though it wasn't what i expected or really wanted, i was so happy that i would never complain, if you only do a half eighth don't be upset if you don't trip, go with it and you will be the happiest you have ever been.

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