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first time trip + golden caps

It was a week before I was going to trip, and I was already really excited.

It was a week before I was going to trip, and I was already really excited. It was gonna be my first trip, and I didn't know to expect. I think my positive attitude really helped a lot.

The day came, and myself and 3 close friends all ate them straight together (2g) with a drink of orange juice (which I heard is suppost to enhance the trip because of vitamin C). The shrooms didn't taste bad at all! I can best describe them as un-salted sunflower seeds.

We started walking around, and my stomach felt just minorly upset, and it never got any worse. About an hour later I started to feel different, and my stomach ache went away. I was starting to feel like time went on forever. I kept staring at things with a gaping mouth, and I was thinking on a much more philosophical plain.

I remember just thinking how awesome it was. I couldn't comprehend what a "bad trip" was; I didn't see how it was possible. I was so curious that I tried to make myself bad trip by thinking crazy thoughts, but no luck at all.

When I closed my eyes I would easily see 3D fractals, which was really interesting. Later on when I hit my peak (us 4 stayed together the entire night; a good idea, def. helped), we were on the top of a hill with an incredible view. I would just look at things and moan loudly in amazingment; we were all doing that, it was hilarious! Also whenever one of us tried to explain something, we would interupt and finish the thought, and all be like, "I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN, MAN." haha, great great times.

While I was peaking I smoked 4-5 bowls, and I honestly couldn't say if it did anything, but maybe it enhanced it. Overall I don't think it could have gone better!

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