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First Time Trip

It was going to be my first time on shrooms, so me and a friend split 3.

It was going to be my first time on shrooms, so me and a friend split 3.5 grams, me takeing 2 and my friend takeing 1.5 grams. It was about 10:50 when i chewed the first gram. i chewed for about 5 minutes and then swallowed. About 10 minutes later i chewed the other gram for 10 minutes. After we were done chewing we decided to break out the N64 and play waverace. This was when I started to feel a little different. I then put on my star wars game and this is when i started to feel a nice buzz, but it was coming on slow. after about 10 minutes my other friend knocked on my door. This is when i started feeling really good. I answered the door and tried my best not to laugh. He was just talking a bunch of stuff that i didnt really understand. I then went outside and he showed me his bike and how it broke. I started laughing a lot when he was trying to get it fixed.

After he left I stood in my backyard for about a minute and admirered the greenery around me. When I went inside I lied down on my couch and played some more of my game. I was really starting to feel really good. I was screwing up badly in my game and couldnt control it. So we turned on tv and watched it. My mind was thinking a lot differently now. its really hard to describe but it was a very good sense of well beeing. I started to have really good feelings in my brain. It was what i like to call "brain orgasms". Everything was so funny.

The best part of the trip was when i was watching BET and this video came on with this really poppy sounding beat and funny vocals and I just burst out laughing. I couldnt stop, it was so funny. This was the only time that i had a strange visual. The guys who were rapping had mushrooms for heads.

After a while I started to lose touch with reality. I looked in the mirror and said "who am i, where am i" and everything was like my brain was a computer and i was very slowly processing information. Anyway after about 2 hours my trip started to die. I then went outside and burned a spliff.

Anyway my first shroom trip was really great. I didnt see things flying or coming at me. but my perception of time and reality was a lot different and i was seeing things in a strange way. It was a great trip that I'll rate as a 3. I cant wait to do shrooms again!

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