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First time shrooming was great!

It's currently July second 2005 and I have recently tried shrooms for the first time.

It's currently July second 2005 and I have recently tried shrooms for the first time. I’m an almost 16 year old guy and am around 130 pounds. The evening was carefully planned out by a close friend and I. I had been highly anticipating a true trip experience since the beginning of the school year yet most of my friends didn't seem so keen on the idea. Finally it’s summer and schools out. On Saturday I got 8.2 g for 60 bucks, I think it was an okay deal. I had bought them from a friend who said that he personally had used them several times which made me feel more comfortable to try them myself. Me and my buddy were very eager to try them but in a very excited way. That day we made some rules and guidelines before we actually ate them. The rules were basically no breaking shit, and no yelling on account of my neighbours. Around 4:30 in the evening me and my friend had a big healthy dinner. There were sliced cucumbers, carrots, celery with really good fancy dip. Then we had salad and roasted chicken till we were satisfied. We put the kettle on and while the water was heating we grinded the shrooms in a weed grinder. We dumped the stuff half each which would make it around 4 grams each in to our cups. Let it cool down for a bit and then drank the liquid but didn't consume the soggy shrooms yet. Then we took some raisin/muesli bread with sliced banana, put in the wet shrooms (giving us each our own shroomwiches) at around 6 o’clock. I did this because someone told me if you have them with bread and bananas it coats your stomach minimizing the risk of feeling queasy. We synchronized our eating and actually we seemed to be laughing because they really didn’t taste as bad as we thought they would. I have a nice house and we were sitting in a well lit room with a sliding door to the backyard. We sat on my couch and had a big jug of cold water in front of us to make sure we kept well hydrated. There was also a fan because from my knowledge your body temperature rises when shrooming. The plan was to sit on my couch and watch the mask with Jim Carrey so we would ease into the trip during a somewhat trippy movie. Then to watch the triplets of belleville, (real trippy) at the peak of our high and then watch south park. Ok now finally I can describe the trip. So we were watching the mask and when Stanley Ipkis transforms that’s when we felt our own transformations as well. I noticed that my body was feeling odd and heavy and my foot kept tapping even though I was not telling it to. It didn’t bother me though. My friend started talking really fast and we sat trying to analyze every small detail which we were experiencing. My friend kept telling me how he wanted to melt into the couch and he started saying stuff like "I’m so sorry couch that I was mean to you" then he started kissing it. I guess it didn’t bother me because I was so focused on what was happening to me. I started sweating a lot but I just told myself that there was nothing to worry about which kept me completely calm. I started felling immensely content with myself and seemed to have a deep moral understanding of objects which would normally seem unimportant. I felt appreciative, for example I looked at a water bottle and thought how from now on I should respect all the little things in life even if they are as insignificant as Dasani. By the end of the mask I think we were tripping pretty hard which was expected. So I went to my washroom which has a huge mirror covering the entire wall from ceiling to floor. WO! for some reason i had no recollection of it yet all of a sudden I found myself standing in the middle of my bathtub staring at myself mere inches from the mirror. It felt as though I was looking through myself through the eyes of another being. Then the mirror seemed to bend around me as if to smother me. however none of this frightened me it only made me feel more enlightened and confident in myself. I tried washing my face to see how it would feel and for some subconscious reason I couldn't stop washing my face in the sink. I kept smiling and splashing water on myself making a huge mess which was precisely what I had told myself not to do earlier. When my friend saw me he said "hey man come back to the couch I’m scared being in their alone "I felt worried that we would start having a bad trip so I told myself to follow but instead I found myself standing there saying "wait just one more thing, I need to wash my face" I was in such a crazed state that even though I had been washing my face for over 20 minutes still felt the need to. Finally I came to a resolution and followed him to watch TV my house is very spacious and is very comfortable and cozy. I assume that would help me to have such a good experience. Around 9 I kept noticing how the door to my backyard was open. There are these individual vertical blinds that you have to slide across to pull out. At the time they were covering my door so when I got up and brushed the blinds aside to peer out it was as if I was entering a new dimension. It reminded me of the movie Stargate. My backyard is small but has a very beautiful garden thanks to my mother and is surrounded by a 6 and a 1/2 foot fence. There is a large tree in the middle of my backyard with very green leaves. I had passed through the portal into my backyard and sat with my friend in the grass directly below the leaves. The branches stretch out at least ten feet so it took up most of my view. I had an immense pleasure for some reason just sitting and touching grass with my fingers while staring at the green leaves and the sunset above. All I can remember is how beautiful the bounty of nature was making me feel. My friend and I just sat there talking about life and how no person would understand how happy we felt just sitting in a garden. That is to say no person who’s never tried shrooms before. Then as we were sitting 3 baby raccoons appeared, at first they seemed hesitant but I think they may have smelled our sweat which to them probably smelled like fungus. They sat curiously staring at as we did to them. Later when we went back inside we sat down and everything I saw became distorted. The chairs, the TV and even my friend stretched and elongated vertically making everything seem tall and skinny. Later I sat in my rocking chair and everything in my view started rotating slowly. The room started spinning but it didn’t make me feel dizzy instead I just watched it as if it was a movie, I was mesmerized by its effect. The shrooms had lost most effect by midnight and all I can say is I could not have had a more positive experience. In my analysis it is everything people had described to me you seem to lose perception of time, distance, depth, sound and colour but it never meant anything to me until I had actually experienced it. I feel that no person can understand it by simply reading, but must experience it first hand. I think it is something that everyone should want to experience at least once in their lifetime to just understand it. Four days later and I still feel the confidence it brought me and much more respect for all aspects of life. I have another 2 grams of caps and am saving it for a special day. Overall it was one of the best memories of my life and I will cherish it forever. I’ll definitely be doing it again I’m just going to give it a few weeks or so. Sorry, if this post was too wordy or pedantic but I wanted to share my experience with a community that would be understanding. Thanks for reading and happy shrooming. –Arfie-

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