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First time in years.


-19. Female. ~125lbs-

Ok, so.. I'm not too sure how to start this so I will start it like this.

I had been looking for mushrooms for about 6 months prior to this Saturday. Contacting anyone I could think of to try and find the amazing fungi. I had gotten a hold of about 10 people, none of them having any, or knowing anyone that had any. I thought to call my friend Z (neeever would have thought he had them because he stopped dealing) and he told me he knew of a place I could stop by any day between certain hours for bud or mushies…awesome.

A couple of hours later we go to check this place out. It’s just a normal house on the corner of 2 streets. We walk up to the front door and knock, the window on the side was open and two guys told us to just come in. We walked in and saw a normal house, except there was a table to the left covered in faaat Baggies of bud. We tell them were looking for mushrooms, and they told us to ask the guy out back when he comes back in. We ask him, and he goes downstairs to retrieve a huge bag of shrooms. He whips out his scale and weighs out 2.5 grams for us. $20 please. ($10 a gram. only because they’re so killer)

We head back to K’s house, both anxious and nervous at the same time. (This would be K’s first time taking mushrooms) We decided to take them at 9, just before it got dark. So by the time it got dark we would be tripping.

He gave us a cap, so we split it in two. Ate half each with Reese’s peanut butter cups. Didn’t taste a thing. After we ate them we both just sat there and waited… and waited. Ten minutes later we were both feeling quite a bit stoned, nothing out of the ordinary happening though. I looked over at K and saw a little blip around his neck and smiled. I had just seen my first hallucination. I continued to try really hard to see things shift or move, but I then remembered that if you try to see things you wont. I sat there watching K play this game called narc. San Andrea’s like game but instead of stealing cars you’re a drug dealer.

Fifteen more minutes passed with no other real hallucinations. Just an extreeemely anxious feeling. My limbs were buzzing with energy. I looked to the left of me at the couch cushion sitting there, and it was covered in 2d brightly colored flowers. It shifted to the left, then back, then came towards me and went back. Cool. There were now little blips of light on almost everything that was out of my direct eyesight. I felt completely messed up. Body high and mentally high. K paused the game, and I watched the still screen double and the character in the game grow and shrink. I saw in the far corner of his room what looked like a dead person, so I Freaked a little bit and got K to turn on the light. It was just a hat.

By this time I really had to look in a mirror to see if my face would morph, so I went downstairs to the bathroom. I found the bathroom to be occupied, so I had to sit there with K’s sister and mother in the next room while I was tripping balls. I got through the ordeal (sadly my face only warped a little bit) and went back upstairs. When I got back to K’s room he was just sitting there, staring at the wall. Saying something about how it was warping and shifting. I couldn't’t seem to stand still; I paced his room for about 5 minutes, then sat down and watched my face on the screen (He has my picture as his background) melt. It was pretty interesting. I’m not sure what happened right after that, but I remember trying to steal K’s bottle of Gatorade because it tasted like heaven in the mouth. (amazing) At one point I sat there clutching the bottle and laughing for a good 5 minutes straight. Not sure what I was laughing at, I just knew that it was something realllly funny.

After my laughing fit we decided to go for a walk out side. A. because I felt like I was going to catch on fire I was so hot and B. I wanted to see if I would trip out outside like I did inside (last time I was this high on mushrooms the hallucinations stopped when I got outside) K stopped at his car to grab his bong and bud. He was sitting in the passenger seat with the car door open, and I was standing next to him in front of the door. I was just staring off into space when he said something and I looked at him, and he was all black and grey. No color whatsoever. I looked to the side a bit and saw the redness of his car so I knew I didn’t completely go colorblind.

We started out adventure from there, walking from K’s house to Esso. (In search of more Gatorade) K had become extremely attached to his bottle of Gatorade. (He named it Fred and wouldn't’t take it away from his mouth) On the way there we walked by these two houses that reeked of hot dogs, I found it to be the funniest thing ever. When I had finished laughing I looked up to realize that everything had a red tinge to it. It was quite intriguing.

We walked the rest of the way to Esso. Not much happening except for the fact that I thought I saw my dad sitting out on the patio at a bar we walked by. (the guy stared right at me so I could have sworn I was in shit)

When we got to Esso I went to the washroom to check and see if my pupils were the size of dinner plates. I was looking at the wall, and I watched the tile from the wall melt into the floor. I checked the mirror and my pupils were fine, probably due to the extremely bright light in the bathroom. I was tripping on the mirror for a few minutes when I got a text message from K ‘come save me’ .. it made me laugh.

We left esso and headed back to his house. Along the way we stopped at this place we usually stop at and blazed. While we were sitting there, the shadows from the trees were moving back and forth, like someone was shining a light behind them all and moving it. There was a giant tree to the left of me that looked FULL of leaves (I found out the next day that it was close to being bare) and every time it was out of my main field of vision it shifted around. We sat there and blazed a few times over an hour or so.

I was still feeling pretty high (3.5 hours later) when we decided to leave. Standing up proved to be something that brought the high back. I randomly lifted up my arms remembering last time I did mush my arms felt weightless. Yep, they felt like someone was holding them up by a string.

By the time we got back to K’s (20 minutes later) house we were both burning out and tired. We watched some crappy late night TV shows and went to sleep.( I didn’t fall asleep until 5 am)

Overall it was an awesome night. I think I may have left out a few things that I saw or heard, but that’s all I can remember. Oh throughout the night while we were walking outside it felt like I was walking through spider webs, really disgusting feeling.

We’re going to be doing them again this Friday. I cant wait to see how this trip turns out.

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