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First Time in level 3

hi,i would first like to begin by saying this is a very good site and helped me very well.

hi,i would first like to begin by saying this is a very good site and helped me very well. 2 days ago i boiled some good psilocybe cubensis that i found because i was going to go to north carolina to see my sister. i put the juice in an orange juice bottle to kind of conceal it on the plane and it worked out fine. so 2 days after i boiled it i decided to give it a try. ive done shrooms previous time about 3 times, but never reached level 3 or 4 which i was really reluctant to do. i was very excited because i knew this time that i would be shot into a mindless reality of my own! so around 6:00 i pulled out the magic juice out of the fridge and started drinking. i had about 1 cup of shroom juice in a 3 cup orange juice bottle, so i knew where my limits were. i didnt want to go too far because i didnt want to get uncomfortable with the feeling. so i drank about half of the bottle. so i just sit and wait, and wait, and wait, and then i start feeling the usual feelings. the anxiousness, easily laughing, acting goofy, and then something different happened unlike any other trip i have had. it seemed like the room was strobing! not in such a big way but very gently. then from here i cant recall how fast i shot up into a level 3. it was very intense. it was as if i skipped a level! so i decided to go outside and listen to some pink floyd dark side of the moon which is a very good album to listen to whie tripping. since this takes place in north carolina ,there is alot of nature in the back of the house, and it was ecstaticly mind-blowing! i thought i was having a body orgasm, it felt so good! i couldnt believe what i was seeing, the plants were reacing out towards as if they wanted to be with me and they seemed so friendly. so after that i went in the shower and thas weher things got cool. i stared at myself in the mirror and it seemed as if i was staring at another me! it was very freaky but very cool. after this my family and i went to a mexican resturant and i started to eat a little too much without realizing it. then all of a sudden my trip took a nosedive, something that i completely did not want to happen, it took a turn for the worst and i freaked out. there was an idea in my head that i had a stomache ache and the idea slowly grew into a reality. i wanted to throw up and i started gagging in the restroom. i told my family i wanted to go home and we did. i was happy but my stomache still wasnt, the visuals were creepy and were making me nausious. i finally mentally fought of this fear and had a nice cup of hot tea, which made me feel alot better and cozy. i started watching george carlin, who is by far, the most intelligent comedian to ever exist! he observes everything and its so funny to watch on shrooms because you feel a good connection as if you understand him clearly. but anyways i rode the trip out from here and it all turned out good.
i would say that this trip was almost on the border line of a level 4, but not quite. i would definitely do this again, it seems as if i have so much more to discover and uncover about the realm of the mushrooms. i hope you enjoyed my post. -peace!

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