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First Time in 'The Room'

We gathered at my friend/co-worker Ron's house to eat a bunch of the p.

We gathered at my friend/co-worker Ron's house to eat a bunch of the p. cubensis I'd grown via the MMGG v3 (follow it closely and it WILL WORK.) I really had no expectations... I'd read about all there was available online, but that can only take one so far. With trips like this, either you've done it or you haven't, and no amount of reading will ever let you 'get it.'

There were 4 of us (Ron, Me, my girlfriend, and Randy)... I ate about 5 fairly large, fresh shrooms, blended into a Bacardi ice-fruit concoction... pretty tasty, but rather hard on the stomach (as shrooms tend to be, apparently.) Everyone else ate about the same, in various methods.

We just sat around until the effects started manifesting themselves. We had planned to carve some jack-o-lanterns (it was around halloween), but this quickly degenerated into some pretty mangled pumpkins. My girlfriend (Gabby) just sat on the floor and played with a pumpkin lid, apparently amazed by the feel of the pumpkin pulp still attached. Eventually she stretched out on the living room floor with the cat, and the trip really started in earnest.

Of course, actual details of the night are sketchy, but great fun was had by all. As I read the trip reports here, I often don't get the impression of fun and goofiness that permeates most of my shroom trips. A lot of this first trip was spent running around giggling like an idiot, waving arms around, watching cool trails, getting lost in some funky music, feeling all the cool textures in the room, and basically behaving like lunatics. Make no mistake, we were TRIPPING... Gab and I named the place where we were "The Room," referring to the new space in your mind that this fungi allows you to access. We were in The Room, and everything there was completely different. They really did give me an entirely alternate view on reality, and I haven't looked at the world in the same way since.

The theme of the evening was "off task," as that was what we continually were. I'd get a great idea, go to the living room to do it, and then find myself a while later doing something utterly different, yell "Off Task!", attempt to do the original thing, ending up somewhere else, etc. on and on and on. Ron's mantra for the evening was "Where's my beer?" as he opened and immediately lost about 8 beers thru the course of the evening (in a 2 bedroom apartment. I'll bet they were finding opened beers around that place for a week.) He'd be standing there talking to me, and I'd say "hey Ron, where's your beer?" Without fail he'd look down at his empty hand, sigh heavily, and go get a new beer.

I would say this trip really rivaled Xtasy for tactile amplification, with everything just feeling so GOOOOD. Carpet, couch, leather, skin, cat, dog... everything felt awesome. Gab ended up naked on the waterbed while we drew on her with ice cubes under the strobe light... now this sounds wierd or perverted, but at the time it was really cool. I felt no jealousy, just wanted her to feel good and be happy... The Room was kind to us. It was great to trip for the first time with good friends, in a really comfortable environment.

As the trip really got going, I started feeling more and more 'primal.' I had the recurring feeling that we were just primates in a zoo, with something looking into our cage as we stumbled around in it. Since then I've noticed very similar feelings on trips... I feel like a monkey, like de-evolved or something. I guess that makes sense since that's really all we are... monkeys in clothing. I ended up running around wearing nothing but shorts, loving the feeling of my skin against ANYTHING. I was JUNGLE BOY! This has since become a sort of 'trip outfit,' since I know usually I really need to shed clothing when shrooming.

All in all, what a great first trip. The hard part after that was not trying to re-create the experience (which could only lead to disappointment), but rather to have fun and experience each trip for its own merits. If anyone is contemplating a first trip, I highly recommend doing it somewhere familiar, with a small group of good friends. Shit can get crazy, and its good to really know who you're there with. I just keep thinking that maybe if some of the wacky old fucks who run this country would just try shrooms, maybe they would see how ridiculous they are, how things aren't as they should be, and that there is nothing wrong with a little reality-bending. Of course, they would probably all cry "Bad Trip!" and end up drooling somewhere unable to deal with the fact that their entire existance is a horrible lie. Eh, we can only hope.

Good Luck and happy shrooming!

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