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First Time Fun

This is Roland.

This is Roland. My first time, my friend and I split an eighth. I got the cap and a stem and a half. There was only one cap, but my friend got some big thick stem-thing and a normal stem. NOthing happened for the first 30-40 minutes. Then shit got a little goofy. We'd look at a lamp and laugh our asses off. We'd find faces in objects and a fireplace. No hallucinations, just a really major high. It was basically that for the first two hours. We watched TV and I felt like I'd smoked two eights of weed or something. Some shit was moving and expanding but not too much. WE went outside and the world was vibrant as shit and alive. Everything had a green tint, including me and my friend. And we laughed about everything. We stayed outside and freaked out at how alive the world seemed until he had to go. Then I was alone but my family was home. I was freaking out cause my head was expanding and I was having trouble doing shit. My dad would talk to me and I was incoherent. I lost track of time and got horribly paranoid. Like everyone in the world knew I was fucked. I also felt all this burden and responsbility to do homework and do well in everything. Then I lay in my bed and started to hear music. There was a really heavy conga beat and music going on in me and I looked up and the ceiling was moving and vibrating. It was dancing and my bookcase was warping itself into itself. I got up and put Dark Side on. Fucking amazing. The walls started expanding and I could feel my brain enlarging to contain a wealth of information. I felt content and at peace and knew who I was. My pupils were fucking huge. I looked in the mirror and saw a split image of myself and saw these images growing into what I'd look like when I'm older and an adult and the many changes of me. After awhile, I started to come down but felt incredibly high and gigly for the rest of the night. My mind felt like an expanding sponge. At the very end though, I became really depressed and crashed pretty hard but felt really good in the days that followed.

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