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First time fun

This was my first time tripping and I was so excited.

This was my first time tripping and I was so excited. It was 7:00PM. I had had no plans to trip, but I had gotten a call from my friend D and he said that he was going out that night. I decided to come along, and I paged a guy I knew. Lucky me! He had some shrooms.

D drove me to his house, and I bought an eigth, and ate it in the car. We drove to a nearby parking garage, and hung out there for awhile. This was where I felt my first "alert". I was looking at my shadow on the ground, and it seemed to slightly move if I concentrated on it. Cool! This was the real thing!

So D drove me to J's house, and we all went to D's, since his parents weren't home. We went there, and D had to talk to his mom on the phone, so J and I chilled in D's room. J was shooting darts with a nerf gun, and as I watched them, I saw tracers. So, much to J's amusement, I told him to shoot at me with the nerf darts. It looked cool!

Soon, D came back up, and he had brought some trip toys, as well as a discman, like I had asked him to. He also brought a knife (in case i wanted to cut myself, he said) which was kind of funny, but kind of mean(?).

We turned the lights off, the TV on, and sparked up a bowl.
By this time, I was feeling REALLY GOOD and I wanted to listen to some music. But D had no headphones, so I was screwed.

But I still had fun. When I looked at J, I saw that he had a green and red glow around him. And one time when I was looking at D, he started to melt, but I looked away cuz it was kinda freaky.

That's pretty much all that happened. It was overall a very good trip.

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