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first time friday 21/2/2003

i never agreed on takin Mush coz of its psycho buz.

i never agreed on takin Mush coz of its psycho buz. my friend suggested to buy 3.5 grams of Mush and we spilt in 3 parts. 2 of my friends and i drove to downtown (motnreal) to pick up the drug. we each ate our share and drove back to my friends house. he lives in a small appartment where at a point i felt that i was stuck inside a box. we put in the movie Fear.Com and watched til the buz started to kick in 40min later. one of my friends, moe, decided to turn off the t.v coz the movie got to him. i admit the story was so disturbing that at one point Moe felt that the cockrotches in the movie were comin out of his body. i started to feel drunk and very heavy...so we all decided to open up a session for a joint. that took us an hour to achieve. every1 was in their own world. teh visuals started to kick in as soon as i sipped on water. i watched teh brazilia flag on the wall as it was changing shape. i called Moe and test if he sees wut i see. we watched the stars on the flag move around and dancin within the blue circle. the visuals kicked in so hard that moe finally asked me: "are the stars suppose to be like this? i cant believe the fact that im able to move the stars around" a 3rd friend came over and enjoyed watchin 3 of his friends trip on mush. Moe later told me that while he looked at my face, he saw spots of green light twinklin out of my face. i laughed once he told me that...but i told him that at a point...i looked at his arm and it looked as if it was cut off. i freaked out as his face starting to melt and my other friend Julz came and told me to snap out of it. i cant tell u all of wut happend during the night because the trip lasted for a good 4 hours and enjoyed the fact that i was outa this world. i cant explain how i got out here but sure as hell ill be doing it once the weather becomes hot. ill pop this in the usual place me and my biddies chill in te summer, near a big forest

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