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All the donts of tripping

Me and two of my friends decided on tripping the other day.

Me and two of my friends decided on tripping the other day. I had tried shrooms five or six times before so I was very enthusiastic about the idea.
One of my friends stayed in the house while me and my other friend went out to but shrooms. While we were on the way, the other one phoned us and told that he decided not to trip today. So we went on and ate 30g. of Mexican each and started to wait for the other guy, because he told us he would meet us downtown.
After 30 minutes, the colors seemed more intense and my thoughts were fast and disorganized. I had a slight feeling of euphoria. Since we were in an empty street, there were no people around to make you paranoid. As I was thinking about how all the living creatures are bonded to each other with telepathy, my other friend arrived and told us that he was hungry.
So we made the biggest mistakes of our lives. We took him to a nearby cafe.
At first the inside of the cafe provided us with some very nice visuals. There were colorful paintings on the walls, the sunlight came in through colored windows and stuff. Each time a cloud passed in front of the sun, the whole scene of the cafe would change before my eyes.
After some time I started to feel irritated by the people around me. It seemed as if everybody was conspiring against me somehow. I had the feeling that the topic of every conversation around was us. I felt more paranoid with each glance I exchanged. Then I realized I was entering a bad trip, so I ordered a carrot cake and orange juice ( vitamin C and lotsa sugar). When my order arrived, I couldn't eat or drink. I just couldn't. I kept telling myself that I should be eating and drinking, but my hands just didn't listen to me.
Then the worst thing started, I started to feel fear without a reason. I kept telling myself that the fear was caused by chemicals in my head and there was nothing to be afraid of. For a fraction of a second my desperate attempt on justifying my feeling worked, but then a second after I started to feel afraid again.
The fear was too much to handle, I couldn't talk or stand up. I just sat there looking around the cafe. My friends started to panic and tried to talk me out, but it just freaked me more.
I knew if I stayed there longer it would just get worse. So I told my friends to pay the check and threw myself out. But the fear didn't stop. The street was full of people and I couldn't move an inch.
I told my friends to buy me some cigarettes and a big block of toblerone. It took them nearly 25 min to get back from the market and I still couldnt move an inch.
It took nearly two hours before fear started to fade away. But I carried the scars of paranoia for a couple of months.

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