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First time for everything

Hey, well I'm a 20 year old, 116lb female who just did shrooms for the first time last night.

Hey, well I'm a 20 year old, 116lb female who just did shrooms for the first time last night. I classify it at around the 2-3 level, 3 just to be safe. I had gotten the shrooms a few weeks before and I must admit I was rather scared of the unknown. I think I really expected the trip to be like something out of a bad horror movie. I ended up doing them with a good guy friend I know and we split an 1/8, which I personally found for my first time to be enough. We did them at his house and I'd heard just how bad they could taste and so contemplated eating them with some food. Turns out while they do taste pretty nasty, I don't think it's the worst tasting thing ever and so just ended up washing them down with some juice. The best way I could describe the taste was it being a mixture of a mushroom taste (obviously), mixed in with dirt and....something else. LOL. Kind of hard to describe. I think the texture was what made it seem more nasty because it was chewy and they kind of got stuck in my teeth.

Anyway, after we had eaten them we sat there and for the first I'd say fifteen to twenty minutes nothing extraordinary happened. I seriously thought after a while that they weren't going to work and that's when I started to get the giggles. Now, at first it was just your average laughing. We started watching "Bad Santa" and that's when things started to take off. I began laughing hysterically. And I do mean HYSTERICALLY. I have never laughed for the that long or that hard in my life. At first it was the humor in the movie that set me off, but after awhile it became clear I was laughing for no apparent reason. I attempted to stop several times, but it proved to be IMPOSSIBLE. It was like something had taken over (gee I wonder what ;) ) I probably laughed for about four and half to five hours straight (no joke)

During all of this my mind felt as though it were going in five million different directions at once. I could not focus on any one thing and I could not quit moving around. We were laying in a bed almost the entire time, but I was constantly moving. Whenever I would try to focus on the TV it was like it only increased the trip and I felt this almost state of euphoria. I also didn't have a want or need for anything. Not for food, water, going to the bathroom, sex, etc. Nothing really seemed to matter. At one point, my friend tried to make some sexual advances and did succeed in getting me aroused for a short while which I must say on shrooms feels ten times better, but for the most part I found my sexual desires to be dampened. At one point, it was odd, but I did start crying out of the blue when I started thinking about things that are currently going on my life that bother me, but it lasted for about five minutes after which I resumed my you guessed it, laughing.

As far as hallucinations go, I didn't really have any big time ones, but I did notice splotches of blue and purple appearing in random places. I noticed particularily that in movies the colors purple and blue really jumped out at me and continued to do so for awhile even after I was coming down from my trip. I also experienced a certain kaliedescope effect when looking at things and when I closed my eyes saw lots of shapes. There was this one brief moment where I was watching TV and all of the sudden it was like these black vines started crawling all over everything. I guess that was the closest it felt to becoming a horror movie.

I think my main mind frame was like everything was like a yes and no situation. What I mean is I did and I did not feel like doing certain things. Like I was so relaxed, but I wasn't. I liked watching this particular movie, but I didn't. All at the same time. There was no in between. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense, but it's the best way I can desribe it. And I remember thinking how great it would to just stay like this forever and not have any cares.

We took them at around 9:30 and they didn't start wearing off until about 2:30. I stopped laughing, but my mind was still running in circles and despite how tired I knew I was, I had a hard time going to sleep. I didn't feel sick the next just a bit sleeply. And that was my experience! Quite a lot of fun and I definetly plan on doing it again next time doing a full 1/8. Have fun!

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