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first time by myself with parents home

i had been trying to get shrooms for about a year and they were never around.

i had been trying to get shrooms for about a year and they were never around. then finally one of my friends picked up a 1/4 and he sold an 1/8 to me and my other friend. i was looking forward all week to do them but then my friend got in trouble so i had to spend the night by myself. i decided to eat my share of the 1/8 at about 7:30.

About 30 minutes after i ate them i noticed the wood grains on my computer desk moving and then i looked at my hand and the skin was swirling all around. i decided i didnt want to have to talk to my parents so i went and took the shower. the walls of my bathroom all had a pattern on them and the floor tiles did too. so i got in the shower and the water felt so cool. then i looked at my skin and the water was making like a green film and i was pulling it off me. the shower curtian seemed like it was moving closer and closer to me and then i realized that i had been in the shower for about 20 minutes so i proceded to wash my hair. when i poured the shampoo in my hand it was all swirling around and then i started to freak out. for about 5 minutes i was afraid to leave the bathroom. i decided to go for it and i quickly went from my bathroom to my room where i changed.

i went to watch tv and i could hear my parents talking and there voices sounded so wierd. my mom sounded like a robot and then the people talking on tv i couldnt understand. everything they were saying was repeating. then my parents yelled to me and said they have an emergency and had to leave. i was so confused. i started freaking out and running around my house and everything seemed so spaced out and my stairwell was changing colors as i walked down it. then my sister called and the phone felt so big and i didnt know wat i was saying and she was asking where my parents were and i couldnt speak right. then i just told her to call their cells so i wouldnt have to deal with her anymore. suddonely i thought it would be fine if i called my dad and see if everything was ok. so i did and he did know wat i was talking about and i just wanted the conversation to end so i just hung up. it seemed like my entire house was pulsating so i went and sat on my couch and i curled up in a ball. i kept on looking at the clock and it was all warped and crap and then my parents were home so i pretended that i was asleep so i wouldnt have to deal with them. they started talking to me from the bottem of the stairs and they sounded like demons or something so i just didnt say anything bak and they came up and noticed that i was sleeping. i was so scared of them that i stayed there and didnt move for an hour and a half untill they went to bed. then i got up amd got some cereal and the cereal box seemed so big and the milk was green. i then went and chilled in my room with the blacklight on and my grateful dead poster was seemed like it was melting off the wall and i was zooming in on the poster and noticed stuff on it that i have never noticed b4. then at about 12:30 i went to bed.

nextime i take them i am going to make sure im not going to be around my parents .

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