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First time and kinda sketchy

So heres the background info.

So heres the background info. Me and my friend R Dubs got about 7 grams of dried shrooms. It was about 12 at night and he called me up and i made him do them wit me. We went into this room in his house we never go into ( this will come into play later) and we downed them. I had about 4 g and he had 3. It was intense at first he had this little waterfall thing with changing colors and i sat and looked at that for a while. It was so intense but something wierd started happening. I started to close my eyes and i saw the little DC shoe symbol put together millions of times in different colors to make shapes. These flowers started popping out and spinning they were three dimensional but flat it was wierd i was loving it. Then i move over to the couch in the room. I had my arms in my shirt and it was like a whole nother world in their. I was laughing hysterically because my hands like werent a part of me.

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