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FiRsT TiMe AcId TrIp

Im not really sure about the rating of this trip.

Im not really sure about the rating of this trip. It wasnt THAT outragouse or NEthing but i had fun. And i know this isnt a shroom trip (its an acid trip) but i thought id share it with you trippers anyways.

It was me and 2 other friends (JJ and Blair) and we were walking down this dirt road to another friends house in the dark (like 11:00pm) and we were smoking bowls and jays the whole way there.... when we finally got to our destination the dude wasn't home and I had a hit of acid in a little keychain pill container on my book-bag I was wearing and we just sat in the yard a tripped out for while. Then JJ said "Hey dude take that hit!" and I was like "OK". Blaire had done it the weekend before for his first time so he told me how to do it right. He said put it on your tounge and hold it for 10 mins. So i did and they watched the watch and after 10mins told me to swallow it. I did. Then JJ asked "Are you feeling it?" and I said "Not really" and JUST THEN I noticed JJ's face started to stretch out a little and his cheeck bones got bigger and higher and his front teeth started poking out and he resembled a rat. Then I looked at Blair and he looked different but not enough change to be able to describe it. He just sort of looked like someone else or something. The dudes house was surrounded by trees on 3 sides and i was facing the woods and the road was behind me so all I saw were trees. The trees looked like flat walls. It looked like 3 walls that had a mural painted on them that looked like a forrest. So then we layed on the ground (face-up) and they said "Do the stars look trippy?", and I said not really (because they didnt) and we just talked. Then I flipped over (now lying face-down on the ground) and was still talking with my eyes closed and the grass kept growing up inside my nose and I had to keep lifting my head up and i said "DAMN! This grass won't stop growing up my nose!". They were only high on weed and I was the only one tripping on acid so they had to of known I was tripping out by the shit I was saying. So then I heard something right over my head (Because I was laying down) and I looked up and it was an armadillo! I had never seen one alive! I always saw them dead on the side of the road. So I jumped the fuck up and said "HOLY SHIT! is that real?!?!", and they were like "Yea!", and I was like "No, for real is that fucking real?, dont trip me out!", (Becuase i wanted to make sure it was really real and not just me tripping out) and they siad "No, really it's real". Then blair said "Kick it dude", And I said "No, I don't want to rip my adidas pants" (I don't know why I thought they would rip). So I just stompped and it ran off. Then we layed down and talked for awhile longer and then later I heard the noise AGAIN and it was closer to my head this time. I looked up and it was the fucking armadillo AGAIN! I scared it off again and we walked down the road to a BP station to call JJ's dad (Me and blair were spending the night with him that night). As we were walking down the road to goto the BP station, my book-bag was bouncing as I waled and was hitting my ass, and it felt like my ass was jiggling like jello and I couldn't stand it, so I held it off my ass with my hands and it helped but wheni walked I still felt my ass jiggling. Then I started feeling water run down my back. That tripped me out and I told them, and then I said "WOAHHH!!!" and they were like "What?", and I said "It just felt like a whole waterfall ran down my back!", and they said "Dude, that's your brain bleeding on your spinal cord", and I said "I know dude, that's crazy!", and I asked Blair if he felt his bleeding when he tried acid and he said "No, but my back did hurt the next morning". Mine didn't hurt at least. It just felt crazy and kind of scarey. We got to the BP station and JJ called his dad and told him to pick us up there. As we waited for his dad to pick us up in the truck they were telling me that they would get up front (Becuase only 3 people could fit up front) and that I would sit in the back of the truck (In the bed of the truck). When his dad got there, they said "Stay cool dude, don't trip-out and jump out of the truck or something", and I said "I won't", and I got in the bed of the trcuk and layed down (Face-up) and stared at the stars until we got there. I had the movie Yellow Submarine in my back-pack, so when we got to his house we went to his room and watched it. I was expecting to see something pop out of the screen or something, but i didn't. Instead I just stared at the TV screen and couldn't stop laughing. It wasn't a normal laugh either. It wasnt loud, it was one of those laughs that you make when you are in some pain but not enough to hurt, just enough to laugh. Like a Butt-Head laugh (huu huh huh huu huu huh). JJ was kicking me and telling me to shut up because there wasn't anything funny and Blair said "Dude he's just tripping-out. Let him trip-out". So I just sat there laughing like butt-head. They went to sleep and there was no way I could sleep. I was tired but couldn't get comfortable and it was so hot! (at least to me it was, they didn't have a problem with the temp.) and I kept moving from the bed to the beanbag and back and forth until finally I guess I went to sleep because I woke up the next morning.
That morning i went to another friend's house and we were going to the fair in town and on the car ride there I sleeping and woke up to the crazy feel of my ass jiggling again when my friend shook me to wake me up. I said "WOAHH!" and he looked at me wide-eyed and we laughed becuase he knew why i had said "WAOHH!". That was really the only effect i felt the next morning was the Jello-ass feeling. It felt really weird on the rides that morning. Especially on the rides that looped you up-side-down. It would send a stranged feeling down my back and my ass. It eventually went away sometime that night. It was really fun and i plan to do it again real soon and this time have more hallusinations. This trip was during the middle of last school year so it's been quite some time now. Not a year though. Well hope you enjoyed. Nothing special, but I had fun. :)

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