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First time - very cool to very scared

This past weekend I decided to try shrooms for the first time ever.

This past weekend I decided to try shrooms for the first time ever. I spent a little time getting ready, I hadn't eaten anything for a few hours and I asked my girlfriend of two years to stay with me and keep an eye on me. I was staying at her college in Pennsylvania for the weekend and she had lacrosse practice, so i figured i could just eat them before her practice and relax on the big grassy hill by the lacrosse field.
I had read some articles on this site that said you should only have a little bit the first time, but all my friends i talked to said they had just eaten a whole eighth the first time and they were fine so i figured that i would do the same. I ate all 3.5 grams and walked down to the hill by the field with my girlfriend and sat down at a picnic table.
She went to practice and thats when it started. I started to feel extremely high as you would with weed but much more awake. I ran to my car to get my sweatshirt and was extremely tired and relieved to sit down by the time i got back to the bench. I couldn't stop laughing hysterically at all of the stupid things going through my head as i watched the squirrels play in the trees, and since there were two parents sitting at a bench to the right of me i put my head down to hide and contain myself.
The baseball team was also practicing and playing music on the loudspeaker, so when i closed my eyes i saw so many amazing colors moving around like a kaleidoscope to the music. After a while i saw a woman's face singing the music in all of the shapes and colors and so i tried to pick my head up to regain my composure.
Then i saw trees swirling around in so many colors and the tall grasses blowing in the wind changing shapes and constantly moving. I still hadn't stopped laughing and so i looked to my right and saw the two parents laughing as well. I got scared thinking they could tell i was on drugs and so i put my head down.
Then i had my face in my balled up sweatshirt and b/c the table was slanted downhill i felt like i was melting thru the table into the core of the earth and i kept trying to sit up to get out of it, but i would almost fall over as i sat up, so i had to put my head down. All of this and the parents were starting to freak me out and that is the last of what i clearly remember.
This is when it got bad. I thought i had fallen asleep and i was dreaming that i got up and went walking around campus. I spent lot of time stubling around everywhere in front of so many people and trying to get into locked dorm buildings and staring everyone down like a zombie. One kid even cussed me out. I couldn't hear much, but could just tell b/c i could read his lips.
There was a baseball game going on and i stumbled down the hill and through a gap in the fence onto the outfield. Not knowing where i was, i just kept walking right between the middle and right rielders who were cussing at me and telling me to get the hell off the field. i didnt say a word and eventually made it to one side of the field where the coach intercepted me. He was PISSED. He got about 6 inches from my face and started yelling and asking for my name. I just stared at hem and at a mole on his face. I still thought it was a dream, so i thought, "I can just walk away and it'll be fine".
I tried to walk around him to the right and he jumped in front of me. Then i heard him say something about security and i blacked out.
Later i got away from him, thank god i have no idea how, and wandered every inch of campus and through a graveyard by the basilica freaked out as shit. I found out when i described things i saw that i got into rooms and buildings that were completely locked down and i have no idea how. So much crazy shit went on.
Eventually my girlfriend found me after searching at least and hour in a hallway about to enter the girls bathroom. She said i looked like a scared, lost little puppy and so she took me back and put me in bed. One strange thing is that at the beginning of the trip i heard a Pink Floyd song and it stayed with me until about 15 minutes after i woke up and it slowly faded away. I dunno if it had anything to do with the shrooms, but it was a pretty cool song to have stuck in my head during a trip.
I was extremely scared as i pieced together what happened and this was definitely a life altering experience. NEVER do that much the first time, and NEVER trip alone. I almost died twice (which i left out) because of my own stupidity.

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