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First Time - Even better than I hoped for!

5-13-05 I’ve been planning on doing shrooms for some time now, and last night I finally had the chance to take some for the first time.


I’ve been planning on doing shrooms for some time now, and last night I finally had the chance to take some for the first time. It was such a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to use them again.

I had just quit a job that I hate that day and am about to move somewhere else and get a new job, and was very excited to celebrate this big change in my life. 3 of the 5 people were experienced trippers. I talked to Kelly a lot about what it is like and comparing it to my personal research to get an idea of what to expect. It made me feel a lot better to hear her telling me about what I should expect to feel (nausea, confusion, agitation, etc). She also recommended we smoke some pot before hand to help quell some of the nausea and to enhance the experience some. I happily agreed to this.

Ryan showed up with Matt at 11 with our “vegan chocolate” (about 3 grams of shrooms mixed in with some dark chocolate into a little candy medallion) and we ate it immediately. Adam and I had been at Kelly’s house for some time smoking pot and waiting, but in the end, the waiting was worth it. Adam didn’t know we were doing shrooms, but we each happily gave him a piece of our chocolate so we all got about 2.5 grams.

After taking them, we popped in an Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD and started watching it while we waited for the shrooms. After about two episodes (about 25 minutes) when we all started to come up (not really strong, just slightly) I started to feel very agitated, but not in a bad way….just in the sort of way that I couldn’t sit still. I had to start moving, touching, and just interacting with everything. I started getting very edgy wondering, “When am I going to start tripping” and just getting so anxious for the shrooms to kick in. Slowly I tried to lose myself in ATHF.

Suddenly, I noticed that the TV was growing and filling the entire room. At that moment, I became totally aware of every pixel on the television and all the colors became incredibly vibrant. I continued staring in kind of a trance. In the corner of the room was a snake tank with a red heat lamp glowing in it. Slowly, I watched the light crawl and spread all over the entire room (the regular lights were all out). I looked over to the other room, and it looked like it was all black and white. I stood up and walked over into the room sitting there looking at how colorful I looked compared to the black and white room. I called everyone else over. That’s when we started roaming around the house. We turned on the lights and just started exploring. At one point, Kelly was standing in her living room (which is painted red) with a red shirt and red hair, and Matt was standing in the kitchen (which is painted green) with his green shirt and hat on. I stood there looking back and forth at them like they were in two different dimensions. It looked like Matt and Kelly were glowing and making the rooms the same color as they were.

Eventually we all calmed down and settled down in the living room. We put on a Death Cab for Cutie CD. I began singing along with the music, and it sounded like the music was all around me, and my voice was a part of it, and it was all interconnected. Eventually I closed my eyes and had my own visualization display playing in my head. I crawled under a coffee table, curled up in a ball, and lost touch with reality for what seemed like eternity, but at the same time, no time at all. I was just listening and letting the music engulf me. It was such a wonderful experience. During that time I had quite a few revelations about how the universe is connected and how we are all a part of everything and everything is a part of us. There are no accidents. Everything happens with purpose. Then I felt something click in my brain, and I saw my soul. I don’t know what I saw, and I can’t even describe it, but I just know that’s what it was.

My wonderful revelations were interrupted by natures call. I went up to the bathroom to pee. While I was washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror. I watched my face as it slowly went from a young child to my current age to an old man, then back to me. I have no idea how long I was in the bathroom. I moved my hands and saw trails behind my hands AND I saw trails in the mirror. It was very, very trippy, but so amazing at the same time. Suddenly I felt like the whole bathroom was breathing and I was part of it; just pulsating and breathing with it. I forced myself to pull away from the mirror because I wanted to be with my friends for this great experience.

I went back downstairs and everyone was energetic again. Adam and Matt decided to go outside. After a brief moment or two I joined them. Kelly went to her room and had her own adventure. Ryan kept listening to music. The outside was beautiful. I kept drinking in my surroundings. Suddenly, I looked around and it seemed like there were a lot more trees than before. The trees were rustling, but there was no wind, and it almost sounded like laughing. At first I was nervous, but then I got the thought that the trees were just playing tricks on us. As soon as I thought that, I said “that’s ridiculous” but then Adam said that a tree was talking to him, so I figured maybe we were just more connected with nature (or just tripping balls, but either way it was cool). We sat on the porch, and just talked and were so happy just to be with each other and experiencing this together (Adam and I for the first time). Then for some reason I can’t explain, I decided to get up and run through the trees in the yard. Not because I was scared, just because it was fun.

It was raining, and I was just running around the trees, under the trees, through the branches, getting soaked, but loving every minute of it. The water felt so clean and refreshing. I felt like I was being washed clean of all the bad things that I had built up inside and being renewed. Suddenly I realized how amazing the world really is. We sit saying how everything is the same and once you’ve seen one thing you’ve seen them all, but it’s not true. I realized how many amazing things are happening all the time and we just don’t even see them. I was aware of every living being around me, every molecule of air, every cell in my body. Everything, even if it looks the same, is so amazingly unique and special.

Adam and I talked about my newfound revelations for some time (and he shared some of his own), then we decided to go in. Adam was looking for his lighter and couldn’t find it. He went outside to look for it and found it in a knothole in one of the trees. He claims the tree stole it as a practical joke, and after hearing them “laugh” and seeing them “move” I believed him.

Slowly we all started to come down from our trips and just level out as we watched Futurama and Family Guy (at this point it was after 2am). I felt so euphoric that I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt like I had a whole new understanding of the universe around me. It continued the whole way home when I left at 3:30 and it continued all through today. I just have this amazing wonderful feeling that I’ve never had before.

Shrooms were an amazing experience and my first trip was even better than I hoped for. I recommend that everyone make sure that before taking them, you are with good friends you trust, a place you feel safe at, and with experienced trippers. It made my experience wonderful and unforgettable.

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