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First time

It was new years eve so me and my freind have wanted to try shrooms for awhile, and i had done a lot of research on them.

It was new years eve so me and my freind have wanted to try shrooms for awhile, and i had done a lot of research on them. We re both 15 and all we had done before was drinking and weed so we were excited to try something new and i really like the sound of shrooms.
Another freind of mine was picking up some of what he said we re the most potent shrooms he d ever had, he had told me that 3grams had him tripping harder then acid. So i went with him and grabed 4 and a bit grams for me and my freind to split. The dealer kept changing times to meet up so it was about 9 by the time i got them.
We ate them around 9 40 in another one of my friends basement with him and 3 other people there that were just going to smoke weed. They didnt taste too bad, after chewing them for awhile i started to dislike the taste more, but still not too bad. I also had almost nothing to eat the whole day, but im not sure if that makes a difference.
Me and my freind that was doing shrooms too went outside and smoked weed because i was told that made you feel the shrooms faster. Then we went to eat some pizza, thats where i first noticed something weird, normally when i eat so much, but despite eating nothing the whole day i barely ate anything. Then i started to feel something different then weed, everything except what i focused on was so small, and the ceiling was so low. I was laughing at everyhting so much, like just things that arent remotely fuuny even on weed.
At about 10 35 my freind doing shrooms and me went and sat down in my freinds basement on a couch. Then i started to really feel it heavily, at first i enjoyed it, looking at lights they made streaks. But then it kept getting stronger and i was freaked out cause i had no idea it would be like this. i felt my teeth with my tongue and i thought they were upside down and broken. I started seeing faces in the lights and reflections. WHen i concentrated on my spine i could feel so much there, and when i focused on my throat i thought i was choking. I no longer payed attention to what i was seeing, all i could think of was exploring my mind. THere was so much in there.
1 of my freinds not on shrooms was being really mean and i cant belive him, he was making my freind on shrooms walk into walls and pushing her into a dark closet. If i wansnt on shrooms myself i would have stopped taht but i was on them so that really messed up her trip.
When i was peaking , around 11,i was scared out of my mind, i knew there was no way id die from shrooms, but i thought there was no way id ever be able to get back to reality. I pictured myself just passing out and living in a dream the rest of my life. I didnt want to lose my world i would really miss my freinds and family.At this point sight had no meaning to me, i was just living in my mind, i didnt know who was around me or where i was, and i was too scared to care.
At the count down i had manage to take a slight intrest in the world outside of my own mind, but i was still pretty scared. And that countdown made no sense to me, i figured out it was the countdown till 12 and everything, but i just couldnt understand what the point of new years was, it wasa stupid event.
At 12 20 i was calm and i started looking around me again, at this point i began to enjoy it. But here is where i learned something, having people around you not on shrooms when your on shrooms is horrible, theyre so annoying and they dont understand. It really messed me up when they were like are you alright your acting weird, and im like no kidding im on shrooms, dosent mean im not alright, just leave me alone.
At 1 i had came donw decently, i wasnt having any more visuals, just lights were still leaving streaks and minor stuff like that. But i was so alert and aware, i really enjoyed this stage, it lasted till 2 when i had to go home, and my parents didnt notice a thing, after that i still felt them till around 3.
Later i asked my freind who had done shrooms with me, and she said she felt the same thing, we knew exactly how each other felt at each point. I dont know if i had a good trip or a bad trip, the peak waas horrible and scary, but at the calmer points i really enjoyed it. I will defintly do them again either way, now i know what to do and what to expect.
My advice for anyone doing them for the first time, dont be around people not on shrooms, they really will ruin it and mess up your trip. Also, no matter what, try not to panic and think your not going to come down, cause you will. And if you think shrooms are just like weed except with hallucinations, its not, its like weed times 20 the high and so much more, so just be careful about that.
Hope this was of some help, have fun.

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